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WWE News: Enzo Amore takes the Cruiserweight title on a date

Nithin Joseph
3.18K   //    02 Oct 2017, 13:27 IST

Enzo Amore is the new Certafied Champion of the Cruiserweights
Enzo Amore is the new Certified Champion of the Cruiserweights

What's the story?

On a recent video posted on Streamable, Cruiserweight Champion Enzo Amore took the Cruiserweight title out for dinner at a fancy restaurant. You can check out the video by clicking here.

In case you didn't know...

Enzo Amore recently became the newest Cruiserweight Champion. He won the title in questionable fashion after he low-blowed former Champion Neville and pinned him for the three count at No Mercy.

However, Enzo was brutally destroyed by Braun Strowman and the rest of the Cruiserweight division the next night on Monday Night RAW.

The heart of the matter

On a recent post via Streamable, Enzo Amore was seen in a video taking his Cruiserweight title out to dinner.

Amore recently made the move to 205 Live, where he was immediately thrown into a feud against the former King of the Cruiserweights, Neville.

The Realest Guy in the Room beat Neville for the Championship at No Mercy after delivering a low-blow to Neville and pinning him for the three count.

Enzo has since treated the title with the utmost respect, almost as if the title were a real human being. In fact, Amore took his title out on a date and introduced it to his parents.

In the video, Amore can be seen talking to the Championship, saying that he was a man of his word and that he would support the title better than anybody ever could. He even went one step further and stated that there was nobody who could wear the title better than him.

Despite all the antics that the Smacktalker Skywalker has pulled off since winning the title, there can be no questioning the impact that Enzo has had since making his debut in the Cruiserweight division.


What's next?

On the latest episode of RAW, it was revealed that Enzo had gotten a 'No Contact Clause', stating that he could not be attacked at his 'Certified G Championship Celebration'.

However, despite being in possession of such a clause, Amore was attacked not only by the Cruiserweight division but also by the Monster Among Men, Braun Strowman. However, this all happened off air.

This should mean that none of the 205 Live roster members can challenge for Enzo's title, but since it took place off the air that probably won't be the case. It will be interesting to see how things develop over time and if the WWE will find a rival for the Certified G.

Author's take

There can be no doubt over the fact that Enzo Amore has brought some attention and relevance back to the Cruiserweight Division and 205 Live. However, despite all this, Enzo Amore does not possess the skills needed to thrive in the Cruiserweight Division.

Hopefully, Enzo's title reign will be short and sweet, but just about long enough to keep the spotlight on 205 Live.

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