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WWE News: Eric Bischoff speaks on smaller wrestlers ascending the WWE ranks

Wrestling's King of Controversy gives his take on the changing nature of physical size in the WWE

Wrestling’s King Of Controversy always has an interesting take on all things wrestling

Eric Bischoff has been regarded by many as one of professional wrestling’s most iconic on-screen and off-screen figures. When the question is brought up on who is the greatest manager in the history of Monday Night Raw, the answer tends to always be Eric Bischoff. He is also famous for his vicious tactics back when he was president of WCW in order to compete with WWE. He even wrote a book titled Controversy Creates Cash. 

A few years after his on-air WWE stint, Bischoff went to TNA. After his departure from the company, he wound down quite a lot on wrestling in his life. Now, he enjoys life in his home in Cody, Wyoming. He also started a podcast titled Bischoff On Wrestling, which is co-hosted by Wrestlezone Radio’s  Nick Hausman. So far, he has interviewed guests to the caliber of Nick Magnus, Alundra Blayze, and Hulk Hogan.

Bischoff has an interesting take on everything related to the business of professional wrestling. And someone with the level of experience of Bischoff in the business, his opinions are quite strong. He recently spoke on the new trend of smaller wrestlers ascending the ranks in WWE, something that was not seen at all back in his day.

In an interview with Total Wrestling Magazine, Bischoff gave his thoughts on smaller wrestlers making it to the top of the WWE:

The wellness program has certainly had an effect on talent and how some people perceive talent, I think the standards have changed for talent too. You used to in order to be successful as a professional wrestler have to be at least 6 foot 2 and weigh at least 300 lbs.

“Nowadays, you try and find someone who fits that bill and there’s very little people, all of a sudden now expectations have been changed, you can weigh 180, 190 pounds and as long as you’re gifted athletically and know how to tell a story and be good on the microphone, you can be a star. It has opened up the business as there is way more talent that fits this bill than the old style. It’s way more diverse around the world.

Bischoff is well aware of the evolving nature of professional wrestling, and he knows that in order to survive, WWE needs to adapt accordingly. 

Would you like to see Bischoff back in WWE?

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