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WWE News: Ex-WWE employee claims responsibility for prolonged series of WWE storyline leaks

Daniel Wood
26.91K   //    15 Oct 2017, 18:10 IST

One of the biggest leaks was Shane McMahon's return
One of the biggest leaks was Shane McMahon's return

What’s the story?

An ex-WWE employee James Mckenna, who is now a reporter on Pro-Wrestling Sheet alongside Ryan Satin, has revealed that he is behind a series of prolonged and incredibly accurate story-line leaks that had frustrated the WWE

In case you didn’t know...

The leaks became a frequent occurrence on Reddit page Squared Circle posted under the username FalconArrow where the anonymous tipster would post regular reveals about what was coming up on the WWE including shock returns and big debuts.

FalconArrow became known for being incredibly accurate and managed to leak some of the biggest WWE moments over the last few years such as Samoa Joe's debut on NXT, Shane McMahon’s surprising return, and Sami Zayn’s main roster call-up. But despite his popularity, details about his true identity remained scarce.

The heart of the matter

James McKenna, who describes himself as an ex-WWE employee, has been openly revealing spoilers for the WWE as part of Pro-Wrestling Sheet, he was aware of both Jason Jordan being revealed as Kurt Angle’s son, and the Undisputed Era's debut at NXT TakeOver Brooklyn and now he’s taking the credit for the leaks via twitter, which has been confirmed by moderators on Reddit who knew FalconArrow’s identity.

What’s next?

FalconArrow deleted their Reddit account after an AMA in April 2016. So if McKenna really was anonymously leaking WWE storylines, he’s since started doing it for a news site. I don’t expect anything else to really come of it, as McKenna still seems to have a ton of inside scoops. 

Authors take

There are speculative rumours that Mckenna’s timing has something to do with Jimmy Jacob’s WWE dismissal; the suggestion is that Jacobs was Mckenna’s source within the WWE as his hiring also coincides with when FalconArrow started the leaks.

The further speculation is that the WWE thought that Jacobs was behind the leaks but couldn’t prove it, which was why they used the Bullet Club picture as their justification; this coincides with Dave Meltzer’s take that there were other factors involved. Naturally, this is all just conspiracy theory stuff at this point, but McKenna was definitely getting his info from somewhere 

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