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WWE News: Ex WWE writer talks nixed angle with Vince McMahon's real-life brother

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The McM
The McMahon Family almost had one more

What's the story?

WWE is a wonderful world, blending fantasy and reality, but sometimes the best programs don't ever happen because they are too real.

Former WWE writer Court Bauer appeared on The World According To Wrestling podcast to discuss a very interesting angle involving Vince McMahon and his brother that never came to fruition.

In case you didn't know...

Vincent Kennedy McMahon is the owner of WWE and he has a brother who's never been discussed on WWE television. Roderick McMahon is Vince McMahon's real-life brother although you wouldn't know that just by watching Raw every week.

The McMahon family including Vince, Linda, Stephanie, and Shane have been a part of WWE television for decades. But even though it was proposed, Roderick's name has yet to see the light of day.

The heart of the matter

Court Bauer became a writer for WWE in 1999 and maintained his position in the company for years. Bauer would later become famous for forming Major League Wrestling and later the MLW Radio Network, which hosts some of the most popular wrestling-related podcasts to date including Something To Wrestle With Bruce Prichard, The Jim Cornette Experience, Bischoff On Wrestling, What Happened When With Tony Schiavone, and the list goes on.

Court recently spoke to The World According To Wrestling Podcast where he discussed an abandoned storyline where Vince McMahon's brother Roderick would have had quite an interesting adventure on television. Unfortunately, that story never became a reality.

In 2007, the WWE was in the midst of a storyline revolving around Vince McMahon's death after his limo exploded. Because after all, as Vince once told Bruce Prichard: "I can't be on TV if I'm dead."

The angle about Vince's death had to be nixed due to the real-life events of Chris Benoit and the heartbreaking tragedy involved in that situation. But Court Bauer revealed the Vince McMahon death story might have been there to act as a means to bring in Vince's real-life brother Roderick.

"I always think what could've been because we were gearing up to do something with Vince's little-known brother Roderick. His family was going to come in the following week and be part of the funeral for Vince McMahon [...] I think it would've been fascinating because people forget that Vince has a brother and I think that that story would've been amazing."

Although the storyline involving Roderick McMahon coming into WWE was cancelled, it still would have presented a fascinating look at the McMahon family in a way nobody had seen before.

"How Vince the tycoon he is, the ruthlessly aggressive guy, you know, took over the family business. His poor brother, what happened to him? And now there's a refresh on the McMahon dynasty and all of the rivalries and stuff you could tell now, all of these new stories that are there because Roderick has children that you could play within this setting."

What's next?

Roderick McMahon might never be acknowledged on television at this point. But as WWE goes on you can never say never.

After all, Kevin Owens could always beat him down to further engage Shane McMahon in their storyline leading to Hell In A Cell for all we know.

Author's take

The Vince McMahon limo explosion angle was a very interesting creative decision, to say the least. But Roderick McMahon on WWE television will remain one of those grand "what ifs" in WWE alongside so many other scrapped storylines.

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