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WWE News: Fan reveals how Mustafa Ali saved his life

2.86K   //    11 Jan 2019, 05:45 IST

Mustafa Ali has had a huge impact of many lives
Mustafa Ali has had a huge impact of many lives

What's the story?

Mustafa Ali has taken Smackdown Live by storm ever since he debuted on the show in December. Since then, he's shown the world just how talented and hard-working he is.

Apparently, he's just as hard-working outside of the ring. The former police officer allegedly helped save a fan's life simply by interacting with him via social media. had an exclusive on the matter where the fan described the events that helped save his life.

In case you missed it...

Ali was a member of 205 Live since the Cruiserweight division was reintroduced in WWE. He's been on of the top members of the show and has unsuccessfully challenged for the Cruiserweight Title on a few occasions.

He recently 'graduated' to Smackdown Live and has had great matches with the likes of Daniel Bryan, AJ Styles, Andrade Almas, and Rey Mysterio.

Since he has a chance to affect more lives do to his standing in the WWE, it appears he has done so with a fan who was in serious trouble.

The heart of the matter

Almost a year ago, Ali reached out to New Zealand man Michael Green on Twitter after a friend told him about Green's story. He gave Green the following message in a video on the social media platform.

“Despite what you’re going through, try to be the reason people believe there’s still goodness in this world,” Ali said in the Twitter video he directed to Michael last year. “Whatever it is you’re facing, you’re going to get through this. I believe in you.”

The exclusive then mentions that Green began to cry and his wife came to his side to ask him what was wrong. He then revealed to her that he was struggling with his mental health and was having thoughts of suicide.


“Here was someone who didn’t know me from anywhere but social media interactions reaching out to me when I’d decided there was no point to anything anymore,” Michael tells us.

After watching Ali's video message, Green and his wife did what they could to help turn his thoughts around, from getting on a medication as well as 'working to make sure he would never reach this low again'.

The report also mentions that Ali still keeps in touch with Green via social media even if the two are practically worlds apart. It also reveals that Ali still says he has Green's back and these messages help keep Green on the right path.

To commemorate his struggles, Green got a tattoo to help remind him of his struggles. A part of the ink includes the logo Ali wears on his ring gear.

Michael Green's tattoo.
Michael Green's tattoo.
“For me, it was a reminder of where I’d come from and how I got past it,” Michael said of the new ink. “We live in a world where terrible things happen every day, and yet people like Ali do what they can to try and find a balance and bring positivity to the world. Ali inspired me to try and be the same, so I carry his words with pride and in honor of the man who helped me find my way.”

What's next?

Ali apparently has a lot of similar interactions on his social media where he helps fans out with words or messages.

Hearing more about the man just makes you like him even more if you didn't already. Ali is clearly someone who continues to use his platform to help people out of the goodness of his heart.

Some wrestler's do it here and there, but for Ali to keep checking in on Green a year or so after the incident is impressive and inspiring. Hopefully the universe rewards Ali in the future with a potential title run.

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