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Fans and WWE Superstars react to Kevin Owens pipe bomb on Shane McMahon

12.85K   //    10 Jul 2019, 07:32 IST

Kevin Owens kicked Shane McMahon with his words on SmackDown.
Kevin Owens kicked Shane McMahon with his words on SmackDown.

If you watched the opening segment of SmackDown this week, you were not disappointed. After a lacklustre RAW, SmackDown Live got a lot of eyeballs after Kevin Owens verbally lambasted Shane McMahon for abusing his power.

Owens and McMahon teased some tension last week during an episode of the Kevin Owens Show. KO wanted to keep asking McMahon why he ran off from the ring when the Undertaker made his way to the squared circle.

McMahon did not address the question, but instead pulled rank on Owens and told him to stick to the pre-approved questions. After the tirade from Owens on SmackDown, he won't be sticking to any script that Shane McMahon tells him to stick to.

Many fans were quick to support Owens on Twitter, with some even referencing the most famous pipe bomb in WWE history.


WWE is often more successful when they have characters on screen that hold them accountable for some of things that aren't sitting well with the fans.

Whether or not this was indeed an example of that, Owens certainly connected with the live audience as well as with those on social media.

With so much support from fans, it appears that WWE is aware that we've had more than anyone should have to get regarding Shane McMahon.

Many wrestlers have struggled to get on TV and in the ring following the Superstar Shake Up.

Ali has been relegated to vignettes whereas, the Kabuki Warriors have been mainly seen in backstage segments. Buddy Murphy hasn't been on television and now that they are both at full strength, neither have the Authors of Pain.

One of the many people listed by Owens, Buddy Murphy, took to Twitter himself to thank Owens for acknowledging him.

A fan replying to Murphy's gratitude actually compared Shane's megalomania to his sister's Stephanie, back when she and Triple H were ruling over the WWE with an iron fist.

Another Superstar who thanked Owens for the accolade was the lone member of the Riott Squad to move to SmackDown, Liv Morgan. She has also been absent from TV since 'Mania.

Ali also took to Twitter and thanked KO for speaking out for everyone.