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WWE News: Finn Balor gives an update on his return

Finn Balor has some good news to share with the WWE Universe

Finn Balor had to vacate the WWE Universal Championship less than 24 hours after winning it

Finn Balor got his call-up to the main roster after nearly two years after being in NXT this past July. Many felt that he should have been called up much before that. But timing is everything, and in this case, the timing just seemed right. On his first night on the main roster, Balor defeated Roman Reigns clean and cemented his spot at Summerslam in the Universal Championship match.

At Summerslam, Balor defeated Seth Rollins to become the inaugural WWE Universal Champion. It was almost as if due to a late call-up, WWE wanted to make up for it all in one shot and Balor’s push made sense. Perhaps his NXT run groomed him in a manner where he was instantly ready for the top spot. For some talents, it just works. And Finn Balor is one of them.

However, as quickly as it came, it was taken away from him. His shoulder was dislocated during his Summerslam match with Rollins. He popped it back and completed the match. However, the next night on Raw he was forced to vacate the title. It was anticipated that Balor would be returning in six months. However, there might be some good news.

Yesterday, WWE posted a video on YouTube of Finn Balor giving a personal update to the WWE Universe about his condition, what he has been up to, what he has been going through, and his inevitable return. 

Balor said that the past 3 weeks felt like a lifetime for him. He said that he is currently rehabbing five days a week in the Performance Center in Orlando, and will be going to Birmingham, Alabama next week, the place where he had his shoulder surgery, for a week of therapy. He said that Smackdown Live happens to be coming to Birmingham during the time he is there and that he will be dropping by backstage to visit some of his friends. 

Balor said that he is expecting to return in five months just in time for Wrestlemania 33. Five months from now is February, which is very good news. When he comes back, he will definitely be back in an extremely important role. He could arguably even be straight back in the WWE Universal Championship picture and may not even be far off from a Royal Rumble return either.

You can watch the video posted by WWE below:

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