WWE News: Finn Balor praises Roman Reigns' in-ring ability

Finn Balor
Finn Balor introduced the Demon King to the main roster on Raw this past Monday

Finn Balor has taken over WWE by storm in the past couple of years. He first became the face of the evolution of NXT on its journey to becoming a 'global brand' and now his eyes are set on becoming the first ever WWE Universal Champion at SummerSlam.

At a time where many people are viewing him as the perfect replacement for Roman Reigns as the new face of the company, the former NXT Champion has revealed his thoughts about the #1 contender for the United States championship.

Balor who was the guest on the latest episode of Chris Jericho's Talk is Jericho podcast talked openly about the former World heavyweight champion and offered his thoughts on his in ring skills, something which is often criticized for by fans.

Finn talked about their match at the first post-draft episode of Monday Night Raw and praised the in-ring abilities of Reigns claiming that he was incredible inside the squared circle. He said:

"I went through the match and worked with Roman... absolutely incredible in the ring. It's unbelievable to hear the amount of negativity he gets, and when you get in the ring with him he is absolutely one of the... well, it was an eye-opening moment for me going 'Oh my God, this guy's really really good'."

Due to his Demon King avatar, Balor is seen as a dream opponent for The Undertaker and many believe that a match between these two would be worthy to become a WrestleMania main event.

He was asked if he has ever dreamed of facing the Deadman at the grandest stage of them all, to which the Demon King replied:

“Before the last WrestleMania, before The Undertaker’s match got announced, I kind of fantasy book myself in my head sometimes, and I go ‘you know what, if they really wanted to make me a mystery opponent for The Undertaker, I’ll come out as The Demon, and even if I lose, I still win.'”

In addition to it, he said that he also dreamed of beating Roman Reigns at his first night in the main roster, something which he has already accomplished:

“I also used to think, ‘if I’m gonna debut on Raw, I wanna kick the door down, and I wanna beat Roman Reigns on my first night’ and I’m not kidding. I’ve said that out loud to some of my friends, I said ‘that’s how you make a debut, you go in and you beat the top guy.'”

Finn Balor will face Seth Rollins this Sunday on SummeSlam to become the first ever WWE universal Champion.

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