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WWE News: Finn Balor talks about the Bullet Club reunion

Finn Balor says he targets Wrestlemania for his forthcoming return.

Too sweet!

Inaugural WWE Universal Champion, Fergal Devitt alias Finn Balor, recently had a sit-down interview with Sam Roberts on his Wrestling Podcast.

The two discussed the potential induction of Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson into the Balor Club, his impending return to WWE after the shoulder injury and also why The Demon King did not raise his hand, after winning the Universal Championship against Seth Rollins at SummeSlam 2016.

When questioned about getting back together with his brothers from the Bullet Club, Balor stated that it is something that will come up eventually. However, it won’t happen right away.

Furthermore, Balor recognised the history that the three men have, and also mentioned that there is always a possibility of them getting back together. While Balor is looking forward to the apparent reunion, it isn’t something that he wants from the get-go. Balor stated that he has business to take care of before he joins or possibly leads a faction.

Balor also mentioned that his priority is to get fit again, and stated that he just couldn't wait to get back to in-ring action.

While it was earlier being speculated that Balor would return for Royal Rumble, his interview with Sam Roberts has given us a valuable insight regarding the return date. Let us see what man had to say;

Yeah, [the sling came off]. Like down here, I feel real good, but I've got to be real careful. The target's WrestleMania. There's talk it could be sooner, but really that's the hard target. And that's what I'm aiming for right now.

Finn Balor also divulged that he his rehabbing his surgically reconditioned shoulder for six hours a day ( three hours in the morning and three hours in the afternoon).

Additionally, when asked about the reason for not raising his hand, after his sensational win at SummerSlam, Balor proclaimed that it was, in fact, his dislocated shoulder that prevented him from doing so. Watch Balor injure his shoulder at SummerSlam.

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