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WWE News: “Fix That Screen!” chant broke out at Royal Rumble 2017 over malfunctioning display screen

WWE fans at Royal Rumble 2017 were not happy for a while when this happened.

Photo of the broken display screen at Royal Rumble 2017

During the WWE Royal Rumble 2017 match at the Royal Rumble PPV in the San Antonio, Alamodome production team had a little mishap. One of the four Titantron used by some fans to watch the action in the Alamodome was malfunctioning, with the left corner of the screen zoomed in, where the hashtag #Royal Rumble is shown.

This led to a few minutes of unwatchable action, and fans voiced their displeasure. This led to three times of a ‘Fix that Screen!’ chant breaking out. Still, despite the chants, it took a few minutes for Kevin Dunn and his production team to grant the fans wishes. When the screen was finally corrected, fans erupted in cheers. Did you notice these chants and antics about the broken screen on television/on the network? Let us know In the comments!

Titantron: The Titantron is a large form of Jumbotron display screen used at World Wrestling Entertainment shows. It sits over the entryway to the ring area and displays each wrestler's video package as they enter.

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