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WWE News: Former European Champion Al Snow shares his thoughts on the WWE United Kingdom division

1.17K   //    30 Dec 2016, 04:27 IST
Al Snow became one of the most popular stars in ECW with his “head” gimmick

WWE is seriously trying to develop multiple brands in order to make the WWE Network a must-have subscription. With projects such as NXT, Cruiserweight division, and the newly-acquired United Kingdom division, Triple H has a great deal of content on his plate to make successful to the oftentimes-ravenous fan base. For the U.K. division, there are people who are cautiously optimistic. Mainly, because of the concentration on having a core group of talent actually from the United Kingdom, instead of the failed European Championship that was held mostly by talent who were not from Europe.

Former champion Al Snow was a recent guest on the Pancakes and Powerslams Show, and shared his thoughts on the new division.

“I think it’s fantastic. There’s some amazing talent in the U.K. It’s an amazing wrestling scene over there. I have a wrestling academy in London that I operate. [There is a] wealth of talent that’s not been exploited over there. It’s a great opportunity for them to showcase themselves on a bigger platform with the Network. It’s brilliant marketing on WWE’s part. Now, they can give content that can drive that U.K. market, and, hence, the European market. An exposure for talent that they could eventually bring up to the main roster. There’s nothing but positives for them.”

Snow also gave his thoughts on the downfall of the European Championship, and how the U.K. Championship can succeed despite the former title being a failed project. 

“I think it’s not going to [fail]. It’s a different time, a different purpose behind the title. They have an additional platform for it. The European title’s intentions were correct there, [but] they just didn’t have everything that they do now with the U.K. title, that they’ll be able to capitalize on... I think that it’s a great time to create the title, and to give an opportunity for talent who otherwise would not be getting seen, and it creates a platform to market for an audience that can drive business with that title. 

When asked about TNA having multiple opportunities to stay alive, and what the company still being active is good for the company, Snow added:

“Thank God it does [have nine lives]. What are we gonna just have a singular market of WWE and nothing else? No alternative, no options, no nothing? I mean, who benefits from that? The wrestlers themselves don't benefit, WWE itself doesn't benefit, the fans certainly don't benefit, because you lose all the possibilities and creativity, and the magic that could happen in places like TNA. If we could get more [promotions] to exist that can just help wrestling as a whole, as opposed to just WWE. It's human nature that WWE is not going to push as hard, they're not going to create as much, they're not going to be as driven because the competition is not there. TNA is not much of a competitor, but at least it keeps [WWE] somewhat on." 

Fans can only hope that the division is successful, and the organizations in the United Kingdom will thrive more since they are now being used as recruiting grounds for potential WWE signees. 

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