WWE News: Former Superstar reveals just how selfless Vince McMahon is behind the scenes

Vince McMahon is a selfless man behind the scenes
Vince McMahon is a selfless man behind the scenes
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What's the story?

Trevor Murdoch is a former Tag Team Champion in WWE, but last week he was at the side of Harley Race ahead of his untimely passing and recently revealed that Vince McMahon actually helped the wrestling legend in another selfless act from the WWE Chairman.

In case you didn't know...

Vince McMahon portrays a character on WWE TV where he's seen as Mr McMahon, who is a heel, but outside of the ring, there are several stories about the WWE Chairman where he's proved that he will try to protect his wrestlers as much as possible.

McMahon has been known to have paid for several different WWE Superstars' rehabs over the years as a way to help them when they're struggling through issues. It appears from this most recent report that he's always on hand when medical bills mount up as well.

The heart of the matter

Harley Race sadly passed away on Thursday after struggling with his health for several months. But, because he was a very private man, there weren't a lot of details surrounding his passing that were made public.

Earlier today former WWE star Trevor Murdoch took to Twitter to reveal that the WWE Chairman stepped in a few days before his passing to pay for his medical transport so that he could have two more days with his friend.

What's next?

Vince McMahon hasn't been seen on WWE TV since he was punched by Roman Reigns, but even though McMahon isn't on WWE TV as often as he once was, doesn't mean he isn't still pulling the strings behind the scenes.

Everyone at Sportskeeda's thoughts are with the family of Harley Race at this sad time.

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