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WWE News: Former NXT Tag Team Champion Scott Dawson gives advice at the Performance Center

What did the veteran have to say to young prospects?

What did Scott Dawson have to say to the new WWE prospects?

What’s the Story?

Former NXT Tag Team Champion Scott Dawson of The Revival was at the Performance Center to give some advice to the aspiring talents. He told the WWE prospects that their goal should be to be the best in the world and to be as good as him, but then sarcastically said that it would never happen.

“Work as hard as you can and respect what we do and if you get this opportunity, don’t stop learning because your goal should be to be as good as me. It’ll never happen, but that should be your goal; to be the best around the world.”

In case you didn’t know...

Dawson has been wrestling since 2004 and spent most of his career on the indy scene until he was picked up by the WWE in 2012. His tag team partner Dash Wilder began his career around the same time and was picked up by WWE in 2014, where the two were immediately put into a tag team.

The Revival are the only tag team in NXT history to win the NXT Tag Team Championships twice. Their first reign began in October 2015 and lasted until they were defeated by American Alpha. Then after regaining the championships from American Alpha, they lost them to #DIY; comprised of Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa.

The heart of the matter

Dawson also went on to say that the opportunity presented to the WWE prospects is one that they shouldn’t take for granted because it only gets harder from being accepted by the WWE.

“I dedicated half of my entire life to being the best wrestler in the world and every day I try to accomplish that. So just know even though you’re busting your ass, your sweating you’re tired, you’re sore; we do this every single day. Please don’t take it for granted, work as hard as you can, and the work only starts when you get here. “

What’s Next?

Whether the WWE prospects adhere to the advice of Dawson can only be tested if the WWE accepts them. So nothing to do now instead of being on the lookout for the next crop of NXT talent. If any of them make it and become big time stars, then this could serve as the perfect foundation for a feud.

Sportskeeda’s Take

The WWE couldn’t have chosen a better individual to talk to the prospects with the advice Dawson gave. His efforts to be one of the best wrestlers in the world is exemplified through his matches and is exactly one of the reasons why many fans and critics alike feel that The Revival is one of the best tag teams around; WWE or otherwise.

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