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WWE News: Former WCW and WWE Star Perry Saturn launches GoFundMe Page amidst dealing with serious health issues

Rohit Nath
4.46K   //    13 Oct 2016, 18:31 IST
Perry Saturn has had stints in WCW, WWE, and ECW

Over the course of a 25-year professional wrestling career, Perry Saturn has had multiple concussions which have all taken a complete toll on his body. He is suffering from a grade serious traumatic brain injury, which according to his GoFundMe Page, causes the following issues:

1) Almost constant headaches
2) Sensitivity to light
3) Brain fog - losing time, basically
4) Inability to drive or work
5) Dementia

As a result, Saturn has set up a GoFundMe page to help obtain funds for the treatment that he requires. WWE legend Chris Jericho donated $5,000 to the cause under his real name Chris Irvine and urged fans to help one of his oldest friends in the wrestling business.

This is not the first time that Y2J has been generous. He donated a similar amount to Rico Constantino’s GoFundMe page and even donated to ECW Legend Axel Rotten’s close ones after his death.

As of the time of writing this, the fund has obtained $6,376 out of the goal of $100,000. Perry himself took to twitter to address the fans

As mentioned above, if you wish to donate to Perry Saturn, please click here

The GoFundMe page states the situation that he is currently in:

Perry is in a position to get good medical care, but he's strapped financially.  He can't work and his wife Lisa is a full-time caregiver, essentially.  They live within driving distance of his care but they need money to pay living expenses, medical bills, and to arrange reliable transportation that can make it through the winter.

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