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WWE News: Former Women's Champion Melina believes being a villain is a lost art in WWE

The former Champion reveals her thoughts on the current Heel/Face Dynamic of WWE.

Melina made her WWE debut as part of MNM

The landscape of WWE has changed very much in the past several years. From indie stars like Kevin Owens or AJ Styles holding the most important Championships in the company to an MMA fighter like Brock Lesnar dismantling pro wrestling veterans like Randy Orton or John Cena; WWE has taken a shift towards more realistic programming.

However, with these changes, many people question if there are any more true heels or true faces in the company. In her recent interview with Total Wrestling Magazine, former WWE star Melina revealed her thoughts on this topic.

Melina made her WWE debut in 2005 and stayed with the company till 2011. During this time she played both heel and face and went on to win both the Women's Championship and Diva's Championship multiple times. 

When asked about the current Heel/Face dynamic of the company, the former Women's Champion claimed that it's a lost art to be a true villain nowadays:

You have to question, 'are they really doing stuff that is categorized as a true heel or a true villain?' Who knows, I can't say WWE wants people to be tweeners, maybe that is their decision to make it seem more like an MMA fight or to bring realism into it, but I feel like it is a lost art to be a true villain nowadays, you can be a true villain without crossing the line of PG,"

Revealing her thoughts on the much-talked Diva's revolution, the former Diva's Champion said that she feels like she and the other competitors of the division from her time, kept women's wrestling alive:

I came in as a manager but a lot of people thought I came in as a diva search girl but I was working the indies, not as long as Mickie [James] did but I still came from the indies, so people forgot about that and they focussed on the model search girls but I feel as if we kept it [women's wrestling] alive. We did some great work to build up a foundation for the girls nowadays but on that same note, everybody before us did, so I appreciate everything that those women did,"

With the fact that heels like AJ Styles and Kevin Ownes are cheered more than their opponents and faces like Roman Reigns are booed by a large part of the audience, the question often arises if the heel and face characterisations are slowly fading away.

Although with their masterful portrayal of the character, heels such as The Miz or Rusev and faces such as Dolph Ziggler have proven that with the right mix of proper storyline and talent, the heel and face dynamic can still work. 

You can watch Melina’s WWE debut match below:

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