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WWE News: Former WWE Champion says Roman Reigns is "light years ahead" of Kevin Owens

J. Carpenter
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Roman Reigns and Kevin Owens are two of WWE's current top guys.

What's the story?

Former WWE Champion Sid Justice aka Sycho Sid was recently in Canada for a booked appearance to perform for Great North Wrestling.

While in town, Sid sat down with Devon Nicholson for an interview on Devon's YouTube channel "Hannibal TV." During the interview, Sid was asked his opinion on the current WWE product, which led to some pretty unflattering remarks regarding Kevin Owens, as well as some high praise for Roman Reigns.

In case you didn't know....

At 56 years young, Sid is still making his rounds, competing at independent promotions around the world.

Some of you may recall seeing Sid on RAW back in mid-2012 when he absolutely destroyed Heath Slater. For someone his age, Sid looks amazing and is shredded to the gills.

Roman Reigns and Kevin Owens are both at the top of their game at the moment. While Roman is one of the top guys on RAW, Owens continues to rule the roost on Smackdown Live.

At only 33 years of age, Owens has worked for major promotions all over the globe and has won championships everywhere from Ring of Honor to Pro Wrestling Guerilla and everywhere in between.

Meanwhile, Roman Reigns began his WWE career completely green, but with the luxury of being a member of one of the most prestigious families in wrestling history, the Anoa'i family. .;

The heart of the matter

Former WWE and WCW Champion Sycho Sid was recently booked by Canadian wrestling promotion Great North Wrestling. During his time in Canada, Sid was interviewed by Great North Superstar Devon 'Hannibal' Nicholson for "Hannibal TV" on YouTube.

During his interview, Sid was asked a variety of questions, primarily regarding the current state of WWE and WWE programming.

One of the questions Devon asked Sid was about his thoughts on Kevin Owens. Devon actually referred to Owens as "the chubby guy who wrestles with his shirt on." Here's what Sid had to say about that:

"It reminds me of the time I left and the business was hot and I came back to see guys like Rex King and Steve Doll, I know these guys...they're not money people. Business was that bad and I hate to say it, but I see guys like Kevin Owens and this 'Yakamora' guy and these other people like this and when I see that, I'm like business has got to be bad."

On the other hand, when Sid was asked about Roman Reigns, he had high praise for him, calling him a "money performer" and making the statement that Roman was "light-years ahead of Owens."

What's next?

With SummerSlam in the rearview mirror, WWE's RAW Superstars are now honed in on September 24th, when RAW's next pay-per-view takes place, which is No Mercy. As of now, Braun Strowman vs. Brock Lesnar is the only match confirmed for that event.

Authors take

Growing up, I was always a huge fan of Sid. He was one of those larger-than-life persona's who seemed unbeatable. Not to mention his powerbomb was the most explosive finisher in the business at that time.

However, his comments seem a little uncalled for. Times are different and if anything is clear today is that a more diverse group of talent get opportunities, regardless of how they look or where they are from. While Sid comes from an era where top stars would require to have the typical "big guy" look, times are different now, and the match quality has never been better.

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