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WWE News: Former WWE Superstar reveals alarming story about Balls Mahoney

4.65K   //    17 Apr 2016, 16:14 IST
Mahoney passed away earlier this week 

In a recent interview with Pancakes and Powerslams, former TNA star Ken Anderson aka Mr. Anderson had a rather bizzare story to share about the recently deceased Balls Mahoney shortly after the news about the latter’s death had become public, reports

Anderson crossed paths with Mahoney while on tour with WWE and had nothing but praise for the latter, calling him a ‘nice guy’, but did go on to admit that Mahoney had some rather strange ways, while going on to share a rather interesting incident he had with his former colleague during a trip.

Narrating the incident, Anderson said: “I remember one time I was walking up to an arena, I think we were in Germany, and he was sitting out kind of sunning himself. He had these headphones on, big headphones, and as I walked by, he pulled the headphones off, shook my hand [and said], 'How're you doing, brother?' 

“He was always the sweetest guy, very friendly. And I said, 'I'm good. What'cha listening to?' And he goes, 'Type O Negative.' I'm like, 'Oh. Those are the guys who think they're vampires, right?' And he goes, 'Yeah. I'm a vampire too.' I was like, 'What? What do you mean?' And he showed me his arm where he had cut himself the night before where he and his girlfriend were taking turns sucking each other's blood."

Mahoney’s larger than life antics didn’t stop there, with the wrestler previously confessing that his tooth loss was due to him regularly filling his mouth with lighter fluid so that he could spit fire while in the ring.

The 44-year-old shockingly passed away on the 12th of this month, just a day after his birthday in his home in New Jersey. Mahoney was answering trivia questions and was suddenly found unconcious by his wife, who dialled 911, but was declared dead by medics who arrived on the scene.