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WWE News: Henry O. Godwinn opens up on Undertaker's backstage faction and Triple H

Member of the Kliq and BSK were in their respective primes during the 1990s, and throughout the Attitude era.
Members of the Kliq and BSK were in their respective primes during the 1990 and throughout the Attitude era.
Johny Payne
Modified 13 Dec 2017, 01:12 IST

What’s the story?

On a recent edition of The Two Man Power Trip Of Wrestling, former WWE Superstar Henry Godwinn opened up on a myriad of topics.

Godwinn—a former BSK member—gave an insider’s perspective on the Undertaker’s backstage faction, what bonded the team together and also addressing banter of the ‘BSK vs. Kliq’ backstage rivalry. Godwinn also praised Triple H and recalled the gimmick match they worked together in WWE. 

In case you didn’t know…

The Undertaker, Yokozuna, Rikishi, Charles Wight (who played The Godfather, Papa Shango and Kama), Savio Vega, Henry Godwinn, Mideon (Phineas Godwinn), Krush, Paul Bearer and Mr Fuji comprised the real-life backstage gang in the WWE known as Bone Street Krew (BSK).

The group is said to have been started by the Undertaker and Yokozuna so as to maintain order and decorum backstage, and assert their dominance opposite the Shawn Michaels-led Kliq — another backstage faction consisting of Michaels, Triple H, Scott Hall, Kevin Nash & X-Pac.

For long, the pro-wrestling community has been rife with rumours of backstage animosity between BSK and the Kliq.

The heart of the matter

Expounding upon the Undertaker’s backstage faction BSK, Henry Godwinn stated:

"Yes (Undertaker and Yokozuna were the leaders of BSK); him (Undertaker) and Yoko started it together just them two and they picked who they wanted and who would fit in to their mould the best.


Right off the bat, it was me and Yoko, Savio (Vega) and Taker and Fatu and then Godfather had come back and Paul Bearer was there all the time and a year later Tex (Phineus Godwin) had come up. It was the Bone Street Krew; Krew spelt with a "K" of course (laughing)."

Additionally, Godwinn noted that something which contributed towards BSK having a close bond is that the attitudes back then were positively different; there wasn’t a lot of ego, and everyone was trying to work with each other rather than against.

Godwinn added that there wasn’t any animosity between BSK and the Kliq back in the day, and although they’d sometimes disagree regarding how to perform, outside the ring, both groups shared a cordial relationship.

Furthermore, Godwinn recalled his ‘Arkansas Hog-Pen’ match with Triple H (then under the Englishman Hunter Hearst Helmsley gimmick)— a matchup that impressed WWE boss Vince McMahon and turned out much better than what most people initially expected. Godwinn also praised Triple H, referring to the latter as a good guy, and reiterating his goodwill towards The King Of Kings.

What’s next?

Henry Godwinn is retired from the sport of professional wrestling.

On the other hand, his BSK team leader the Undertaker’s career hangs in the balance, as rumours of his retirement have been circulating the sport since his Wrestlemania 33 loss to Roman Reigns.


Author’s take

BSK members always represent their crew Krew with pride.

It’s always great to hear stories about Undertaker’s mysterious backstage faction—most of which serve to further accentuate the WWE Universe’s love and respect for the legendary Deadman.     

Published 13 Dec 2017, 01:12 IST
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