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WWE News: Adam Rose reveals new identity

The South African will now perform under the name KRUGAR.

The Radical Mongoose has taken a new radical direction

What’s the story?

2016 will be remembered as one of the most difficult years in the professional career of Adam Rose (real name Ray Leppan), but the former Party Pooper has started 2017 off on the right foot. Leppan has released a video stating that Adam Rose is dead, and from now on the South African will be performing under the name KRUGAR.

KRUGAR goes on to state that he is not a comedy routine, and is out to establish himself as one of the top pro wrestlers in the world.

For a couple of months, rumours were swirling regarding KRUGAR’s whereabouts, with many speculating that he had fallen off the face of the pro wrestling world. This video puts an end to all of the speculation with KRUGAR stating that he was taking time off to look after his wife and children, work a real job and prepare for his return.

Now he is back, and the party is over.


In case you didn’t know...

KRUGAR had an extended run in WWE, one that saw him languish somewhat in developmental, before morphing from Leo Kruger into Adam Rose and on to the main roster. Rose’s main roster run left a lot to be desired, and after a brief upswing in fortunes as part of the Social Outcasts faction, Rose found himself the subject of a big controversy in April 2016.

Rose was suspended for a wellness policy violation, a violation he challenged on social media.

The story quickly spiralled out of control, with a domestic violence arrest making matters worse for all involved. Rose eventually requested his release and has been somewhat MIA ever since. The man has returned but the Rose persona has not, and in its place comes KRUGAR.

The heart of the matter

The Adam Rose persona initially brought success to Leppan, but the novelty soon wore off. The Radical Mongoose became pegged as a comedy act, which can sometimes prove the end of an individual’s long-term prospects in the industry.

Leppan obviously felt a change of personality was required, and the party animal gimmick has been killed in favour of a much darker personality.

What’s next?

It remains to be seen whether this change in personality will see KRUGAR find success on the independent scene, but the man clearly isn’t resting on his laurels. After the darkness of 2016, 2017 could end up being the finest year of KRUGAR’s professional career. 

Sportskeeda’s take

It is always impressive seeing performers reinvent themselves on the independent scene, and for that alone, KRUGAR deserves credit. The Adam Rose gimmick had long since outstayed its welcome, and KRUGAR will surely be a better persona to use outside the WWE. We wish KRUGAR all the luck in the world. 

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