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WWE News: Former WWE writer Brian Maxwell Mann rips into Vince McMahon over WWE creative direction

A former WWE creative member lambastes WWE Chairman/CEO Vince McMahon in a series of tweets following the Royal Rumble.

McMahon is coming under scrutiny from a former writer who suggests that he ignores his creative staff this time of year

What’s the story?

Many WWE fans have been quite vocal since the conclusion of the 2017 edition of the Royal Rumble that left a sour taste to many fans. It has also caught the attention of former WWE creative team member Brian Maxwell Mann, who unleashed a series of scathing tweets. The main focus of Mann’s vitriol was WWE head honcho, Vince McMahon.

Mann then proceeded to continue his deriding of the company chairman, when approached with a question about rumours of Shane McMahon competing against AJ Styles at WrestleMania, Mann suggested that the match would happen, citing that Vince cares more about the junior McMahon’s feelings than he does garnering new fans. 

When asked about the possibility of the WrestleMania match between Goldberg and Brock Lesnar being for the WWE Universal Championship, Mann saved his most damning salvo for last, suggesting that were it happening this year as opposed to at WrestleMania XIX, McMahon’s match with Hulk Hogan would’ve been for the WWE Championship. 

In case you didn’t know...

While it’s been reported over the past few years that Vince’s role in the company is getting less active and is purportedly tailoring daughter Stephanie and son-in-law Triple H to take over once he steps away, there is the widespread belief that Vince will never step away from the company he has owned since 1982.

Many of those with that belief point to the elder McMahon’s actions specifically during this time of year as an indication

The heart of the matter

Mann is far from the first to say something like this, several former members of WWE’s creative team have indicated that there are instances when Vince exercises full control over a main event storyline or several storylines heading into one of WWE’s annual Big Four. Often to the discontent of fans everywhere.

Fans have griped for years that McMahon is out of touch with today’s audience, who want to see an emphasis on in-ring skill, athleticism and charisma, as opposed to the previous generations’ emphasis on size, shape, and “look.”

What’s next?

While some can argue that those fans, are the smallest portion of the audience, they are growing by the day and since the meteoric rise of NXT in three years with the launch of WWE Network, it has been proven that the old way isn’t necessarily the only way to do things anymore. 

Sportskeeda’s take

While WWE has a lot of positive momentum and compelling stories heading into this year’s extravaganza, the Seth Rollins injury and McMahon’s purported hands-on approach to several key stories could spell for a very bumpy ride.

Especially considering what it could possibly mean for the Universal Championship picture in the long-term as McMahon seems convinced that the Championship will elevate that match and is determined to put the belt on Goldberg’s waist.

Mann’s tweets, while coming off a bit bitter, correctly reflect and confirm many of the fans feelings when it comes to Vince McMahon and his unwillingness to hand over the reigns of the company to the next generation. 

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