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WWE News:  Former WWE writer Bryan Gewirtz reveals a taped segment Vince McMahon really hated

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Vince McMahon was always great with his facial reactions...

What's the story?

Former head WWE writer Brian Gewirtz was a guest on Edge and Christian's Pod of Awesomeness recently. They discussed many different topics during Brian's time with the WWE; which spanned from 2000 to 2015.

One topic was a particular segment that Vince McMahon absolutely hated.

In case you didn't know...

Gewirtz left the WWE in 2015 to work for Dewayne "The Rock" Johnson's Seven Bucks Entertainment company. He continues to work as an executive for the company to this day.

Gewirtz and The Rock had a good relationship in the WWE, and the latter would often specifically request Gewirtz to write his promos.

The heart of the matter

It was the summer of 2006 and WWE Champion Edge (with Lita) was feuding with John Cena. They would be in the main event of the 2006 edition of SummerSlam, in which Edge came out victorious.

The segment that Vince hated within the feud was when Edge and Lita visited Cena's father's home (uninvited presumably); which ended up with John Sr. confronting the duo and Edge delivering a vicious slap in the living room.

Take a look at that segment below:


According to Gewirtz the footage was the worst Vince had ever seen, but he dismissed those comments because Gewirtz said that Vince has told him that a dozen times.

However, Gewirtz received a phone call from Vince and he said, "that might be the worst thing we ever recorded in the history of the business."

Parallels from history

In the same interview with Edge & Christian, the story arc that Gewirtz is most proud of would be from 2008 when Chris Jericho feuded with Shawn Michaels.

It was a very personal and serious feud, and Gerwitz loved it because it allowed him to get to know Michaels better, and it enabled him to get out of his comfort zone of comedy writing.

Author's take

While Edge and Cena's feud in 2006 was good, that segment was not except for replaying Edge's slap to Cena's father over and over. The rest of the segment where Edge and Lita were going through the house was pretty boring with some funny one-liners mixed in.

As for the Jericho and Michaels feud, that ranks up there as one of the best feuds of the 21st century. The storytelling was amazing and it was a heel side of Jericho that we hadn't seen before.

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