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WWE News: Former WWE writer opens up about his time in WWE

2.96K   //    29 Jun 2016, 13:27 IST
Jensen Karp talks about his first day with the WWE

Jensen Karp, known in the wrestling circle as “Hot Karl”, is a former WWE writer who recently wrote a book titled “Kanye West Owes Me $300”. Karp recently spoke about his time with WWE and the experience he had while writing for the company in the below video during the promotion of his book.

Karp called the experience of working for the WWE was a fun one and noted that he worked there for 6-7 months. He also noted that the best part of the job was the wrestlers and expressed his amazement towards their ability to memorize lines and deliver it in the ring, after acquiring them just 15 prior to going to the ring. 

He also talked about his first day and noted that Vince McMahon was involved in a storyline with Candice Michelle during that time. It is to be noted that Vince was working an angle at that time in which he had God powers like healing and other stuff. Right before Karp joined, Vince had just worked a scene with Candice in which he had healed her off chest cold by touching her breasts.

Karp said that Vince wanted to clearly make out with her in the scene and was looking to do the angle again, but Candice said that she needed another ailment. As it was his first day with the company, Karp was quiet. But when Karp asked the writers to come up with an ailment and the writers were kinda silent, Karp piped up with the word “labiagytis.”

Karp then noted that the entire room was silent and he knew either he was going to be fired or become the next President of the company. Fortunately for Karp, Vince McMahon liked it and that was the first word he got out on television. You can check out the full “ labiagytis“ segment below.

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