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WWE News: FOX plans a WWE SmackDown Live special before premiere

3.00K   //    13 Sep 2019, 05:52 IST

In case you hadn't heard, SmackDown Live is moving to Fox.
In case you hadn't heard, SmackDown Live is moving to Fox.

WWE SmackDown Live is scheduled to premiere on the FOX broadcast network on October 4th. The final SmackDown Live on the USA Network is scheduled for September 24th. That leaves a whole week without any SmackDown Live action.

Whatever shall we do? Well, FOX has us covered.

Today, FOX announced that they plan on airing a one-hour SmackDown special on Friday, September 27th. (h/t to both Wrestling Inc. and PWInsider)

The special is designed to help familiarize non-wrestling fans - or, at the very least, non-WWE fans - to the WWE product before the big debut in October. FOX has already pulled out a bunch of stops with a great "We're All Superstars" ad campaign. Here's the spot if you haven't seen it already.

It's also interesting to note that not only will October 4th be the first SmackDown on broadcast TV since it premiered on UPN originally, but it will also be during the 20th year of the broadcast of the 'blue show'. So, really, from network to network, SmackDown has come full circle.

So, September 27th marks the very first WWE content to air on FOX since, I think, The Rock appeared on that episode of That 70s Show. You know, where he played his dad? That was a pretty good one, actually.

The special is tentatively titled "SmackDown's Greatest Hits", and is designed to not only make audiences familiar with the WWE (and SmackDown brand) product but, presumably, to get current WWE fans familiar with some of the changes that FOX and WWE have planned for the show after the move.

Do you guys plan on tuning in to the special that Friday? I probably will. What classic segments would you like them to feature? Share your ideas in the comments section below!

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