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WWE Rumors: Fox TV deal with CM Punk is apparently a "done deal"

Published 04 Oct 2019, 04:06 IST
04 Oct 2019, 04:06 IST

CM Punk may actually be returning to WWE TV... as a Fox employee, however
CM Punk may actually be returning to WWE TV... as a Fox employee, however

According to recent reports coming in from online (we read ours on Wrestling Inc.), it looks like a long-missing and very familiar face may be returning to WWE television very soon. And if you don't know his name, don't worry - chances are audiences will start randomly chanting his name at any WWE show you attend.

CM Punk back in WWE? Can it be?!

Well, hold your horses there, my friend. According to reports, former WWE champion and winner of the 2018 UFC "well, you tried" award CM Punk has reached a deal with Fox TV to be part of FS1's weekly backstage WWE show. He admitted that he recently auditioned for the role which, if he did indeed get it, would technically make him a Fox employee rather than one for WWE.

The news was broken last night by the Twitter account @fightoracle, who is apparently a reliable source on other Wrestling TV related matters and, no, we're not being sarcastic.

Punk recently appeared on the Collider Live podcast and on top of confirming his tryout for the show, also explained what appealed to him about the job.

My agents just called me and FOX is throwing everything at this because they spent a lot of money on this and they're all in to make it work. Originally I thought it was a WWE thing, so I was just like, 'meh, no.' But then they said, 'this is FOX.'"
"I'm not dealing with anybody in WWE. They explained to me what it was and I love Renee Young. Renee Young is a great person... I prefaced it with, 'Guys, I'm not going to come in and dump all over stuff just to dump on it. That's old Phil. But if it's bad, I'm not going to be able to pretend it's anything but bad.'
"So they want to present it like it's a real sport and just have a show that recaps stuff, just like they do with the NFL, just like the NHL Network would do with hockey games and stuff like that. That's where we are with that."

If this is true, when will this happen?

Well, if this is indeed what's happening, FS1 will have plenty of time to hype it up. The show, called WWE Backstage and hosted by Booker T and the aforementioned Renee Young, debuts on the cable network on Tuesday, November 5th at 11pm ET.


Correction: a previous version of this story was originally listed as news. It is now listed as rumors. We regret the error.

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