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WWE News: Goldberg and Kevin Owens have exchange on Twitter after "Festival of Friendship" segment

The animosity between Kevin Owens and Bill Goldberg finds its way to social media yet again.

Goldberg and Kevin Owens are set to go one-on-one for the WWE Universal Championship at Fastlane

What’s the story?

The Twitter battle between Goldberg and Kevin Owens went one step further this week with Goldberg firing the first shots on social media. After a segment on RAW where Kevin Owens obliterated ‘Gillberg’ during the Festival of Friendship, Goldberg called out the WWE Universal Champion accusing him of being a ‘moron.’

In case you didn’t know...

Kevin Owens unleashed doom on his best friend Chris Jericho this past Monday Night on RAW. Owens finally caved in and struck Jericho in the middle of the Festival of Friendship. Kevin Owens took out Jericho with surgical accuracy first power bombing him on the ring apron and then smashing Jericho’s head into the LCD screen inside the ring.

Jericho had to be moved out the arena in a stretcher and was taken to a local medical facility.

The heart of the matter

After Kevin Owens had revealed a new side of himself with brutal assaults on Gillberg and Chris Jericho, he took to Twitter to declare that he was ready for Goldberg’s challenge. The WWE Universal Champion laid it on to Goldberg that he would not be intimidated by his prowess at Fastlane.

The Twitter exchange that ensued between the two men is as follows:

What’s next?

Kevin Owens will have his task cut out when he faces the dominant Goldberg in three weeks time at Fastlane. Kevin Owens taking out Chris Jericho may have been a big mistake on the Champion’s part, as now he has lost the insurance policy that is Jericho.

Come Fastlane, Owens will be staring across the ring at a man who has made a mockery of the Beast Incarnate, Brock Lesnar.

Sportskeeda's take

Kevin Owens clearly has some resentment for Chris Jericho after he accepted Goldberg’s challenge on his behalf for a Championship match at Fastlane. Now that the match has been made, Owens will need to up his game if he has any hopes of making it out of Fastlane still the WWE Universal Champion.

Owens has been one of the better mic workers in the company, but he will need more than his mic skills to beat Goldberg at Fastlane on March 5th.

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