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WWE News: Goldberg and Kevin Owens take a shot at each other on Twitter

What can fans expect from this twitter battle?

Kevin Owens
Owens responded Goldberg in ever sarcastic style

What's the story?

This week's episode of Raw featured the first episode of the Kevin Owens' show, with the guest being none other than the former WCW star Goldberg. However, as seen this past Monday night, things didn't sit well with the host and the guest, as both the parties got involved in a heated conversation which almost ended in confrontation.

While Owens smartly avoided any physical interaction with one of the most dominant athletes in the history of professional wrestling, the verbal fight between the two athletes continued after the show. As noted by Wrestlinginc, both the stars took shots at each other after Raw went off the air on Twitter, when a fan told Owens to teach Goldberg a lesson.

In case you didn't know

Stephnie McMahon announced during the opening segment of this week's Raw that Kevin Owens, along with his best friend Chris Jericho will hold the first ever episode of The Kevin Owens Show later on the night, with Goldberg being the guest for the talk show.

The show started with just Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho, but as time went on Superstars like Roman Reigns, Goldberg and Braun Strowman joined them in the ring, giving us all a little preview of the Royal Rumble. One of the highlights of the segment was when Goldberg came face to face with Kevin Owens hinting a possible match between the two in future.

The heart of the matter

After Raw, a fan told Owens on Twitter to teach the WCW veteran a lesson mentioning both the star's Twitter handle. Goldberg noticed this and replied that he is looking forward to it:

Owens then responded to Goldberg in his ever-sarcastic style. He mentioned the segment from Raw earlier and told Bill that he should have put the microphone on the table instead of the holding it in his mouth while taking his coat off:

What's next?

It's pretty normal that a Royal Rumble participant like Goldberg took a jab a the Universal Champion Kevin Owens during the show to hype up the upcoming PPV. But the fact that the two continued their battle after the show as well, has raised the expectation of fans.

Brock Lesnar vs. Kevin Owens has been a match that fans have wanted for a long time. But after their latest confrontation, Goldberg vs. Kevin Owens has also become a dream match which the WWE Universe wants to see in future.

SportsKeeda's take

The whole Raw segment had many high points and it also teased a match between Owens and Goldberg successfully. However, since all signs hint at Goldberg facing Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 33, it doesn't look like we will get to see this match in near future.

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