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WWE News: Goldberg open to working more dates after Wrestlemania

Rohit Relan
5.84K   //    29 Mar 2017, 23:18 IST
The current Universal Champion is up for a longer run.

What’s the story?

Since his comeback, Goldberg has been on a rampage. He has received a monster push by the WWE and is the reigning WWE Universal Champion. 

On a recent edition of the Ross Report podcast with the Hall of Famer Jim Ross, Goldberg discussed a number of things including his match at Wrestlemania, the way WWE Universe treats Roman Reigns and his future plans.

In case you didn’t know...

Goldberg is the current Universal Champion and is set to face the Beast Incarnate, Brock Lesnar at the ‘Grandest Stage of them all’.

All of his matches have been short affairs since his return. In his first singles match, he squashed Lesnar at Survivor Series in 86 seconds and at Fastlane, he defeated Kevin Owens for the Universal Champion within half a minute.

Goldberg’s physical involvement on television has been minimal too and the debate of his in-ring credentials has grown since he hasn’t put on a classic match ever since his comeback.

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The heart of the matter

On the Ross Report, Goldberg said that it is very difficult to maintain the shape that he is in at his age. Goldberg has mentioned on several occasions that the wish to perform for his wife and son has served as motivation for him to make a comeback to wrestling. He said that he is willing to all the sacrifices to continue to perform further for his family.

Though Goldberg has just participated in three matches since his return, he said that he will be happy to work more dates after ‘Mania if WWE gives him the chance. He further said that his current run has to lead him to believe that you can never say never in wrestling.


What’s next?

Goldberg will defend Raw’s top prize at Orlando on Sunday against Brock Lesnar. It is believed that The Conqueror will get his revenge against the Myth at the Showcase of the Immortals.

However, we all know that WWE makes some unpredictable calls at the last moment and if WWE does renew Goldberg’s deal, there may be a slim chance of us witnessing Golberg walking out of 'Mania with the Universal Championship. Even if he doesn’t, the Myth could stick around and put over young talents such as Roman Reigns, Braun Strowman, Kevin Owens and the rest before he calls time on his career.

Author’s take

Goldberg gets one of the loudest reactions from the crowd amongst the whole roster. He is one of the very few pure babyfaces in the company right now. After Survivor Series, WWE decided to cash in on the rousing reaction and extended his deal till ‘Mania. 

Regardless, I feel that for another deal, Goldberg will have to prove his mettle as an in-ring performer. His future should depend on his performance at ‘Mania. I believe that a man of Golberg’s stature can be used in various ways but I can’t tell whether it will be a good idea to continue to make him compete at the highest level.

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