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WWE News: Goldberg to appear on Raw next week

Bill Goldberg will return to Monday Night RAW on 2nd January 2017.

Goldberg makes a statement of his own on RAW
Goldberg will return to RAW on 2nd January 2017

A blockbuster announcement was made on Monday Night RAW regarding the return of Goldberg to WWE TV. It was announced in Chicago that Goldberg will return to RAW on January 2nd, 2017 which is the very first episode of RAW in the New Year.

This will be the first appearance for Goldberg on WWE TV after he announced that he will be taking part in the Royal Rumble match.

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Here is a tweet by WWE about Goldberg’s return to WWE TV next week:

Brock Lesnar was beaten, victimised and conquered by Bill Goldberg at the recently concluded Survivor Series PPV. The match between this iconic duo lasted only for 1:26 minutes and it took Goldberg only two Spears and a Jackhammer to bury the Beast.

Find here the video clip of Brock’s recent loss against the ‘Icon’, Goldberg:

It was also a known fact that Brock Lesnar and Goldberg were the only two men announced for the Royal Rumble match so far, and a face-off between these two men during the match is a given. It was also reported by Comicbook.com that Goldberg has been signed for 13 appearances and three matches before WrestleMania 33.

This leaves us with a lot of choices on who can be Goldberg’s opponents in these matches. 

If things go as rumoured, we could see a WrestleMania 33 match between Goldberg and Brock Lesnar and this will possibly be the final chapter of their rivalry. However, it will be interesting to watch the build up to this and this could possibly start at Royal Rumble.

Have a look at Goldberg’s announcement on RAW after Survivor Series confirming his Royal Rumble appearance:

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