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WWE News: Happy Rusev Day shirts become #1 seller for WWE Shop

9.56K   //    30 Dec 2017, 07:09 IST

Happy Rusev Day!

What's the story?

The Bulgarian Brute has come full circle from being a despised heel feuding with beloved babyfaces to a guy people are rallying behind. Rusev has translated his success on Total Divas and unique personality along with a seemingly mismatched partnership with Aiden English to create some real magic with the whole Rusev Day phenomenon.

Now his first shirt proclaiming Happy Rusev Day has become the top seller for WWE's official shop.

In case you didn't know...

When Rusev first came into WWE he was despised, shoeless, and had Lana by his side to get insane amounts of heat. But since Lana moved on to other things and Rusev still apparently needs a mouthpiece, Aiden English was paired up with Rusev to create something incredible.

Now Rusev's promos are done in sing-song fashion and he's performing in front of crowds who would have never cheered for him before due to his anti-American rhetoric but now they're in the throws of explosive "Rusev Day" chants.

The heart of the matter

The Happy Rusev Day shirt is now the #1 best seller for WWE and it didn't take long to get there. In less than a month, and after some great product placement on television this simply designed t-shirt seemed to be on many people's Christmas wishlists.

aThe top three shirts are rounded out by AJ Styles' "The One Who Gets it Done" shirt and the Uso's "Down Since Day One Ish" design.

It is interesting to note how man perceived heels are in the top 15 best-selling t-shirts with six, but AJ Styles still holds three of those top 15 spots on lockdown.

What's next?

At the rate Rusev is going, there could be big things for him down the line. It's odd he was left out of the US Title tournament but that could possibly be setting him up for something else down the line.

Author's take

I'm not going to lie, I preordered my Happy Rusev Day shirt the day they were made available on WWE Shop and I could certainly use more Rusev Day merch.

Let's hope WWE takes notice of this surge in popularity for Rusev so he will get even more of a chance to entertain us with his unique personality and fascinating partnership with Aiden English.

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