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WWE News: Heath Slater jealous of Sasha Banks' action figure

Respect the one man band, babay!

28 Feb 2017, 17:41 IST
Give Slater what he wants, WWE

What's the story?

As revealed during an exchange on Twitter, Heath Slater has spoken of his jealousy regarding Sasha Banks' new zombie action figure. The Boss is part of Series 2 of the new WWE zombie collection that is set to be released by Mattel in the very near future.

In case you didn't know...

Slater has always been one to express his feelings over social media and this is no different. Following a short stint with the WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championships alongside Rhyno, Slater hasn't been doing too much of note on the blue brand and appears to have slumped back down into a position that's only slightly higher than he was in prior to the brand split.

Heart of the matter

Slater was clearly excited by the figure that Sasha posted on the social media platform, immediately insisting that he wants one of his own. 

With the Series having already been created it seems unlikely that his wish will be granted, with some fans jokingly claim that WWE needs to insert him into the collection as he's "got kids to feed".

What's next?

Perhaps Slater will appear in a future Series 3 edition of the zombie collection, or alternatively, he could get a place in the WWE mutant series. Either way, there's no doubt that there's a loyal fanbase behind Slater and these kinds of opportunities will start to fall at his feet if the WWE Universe is vocal enough.

Sportskeeda's take

It's all a bit silly, but that's the beauty of Heath Slater. Anything he does is amusing even if it's something as simple as replying to a fellow superstar on Twitter. We would personally love to see what Slater and Rhyno would look like in a zombified form. However, we'd prefer for it to remain as an action figure fantasy rather than a reality.

In terms of WWE television, it'd be great to see Slater & Rhyno get some time in a real feud leading into WrestleMania 33. Unfortunately, the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal is probably their best hope.

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