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WWE News: Heath Slater locked in aeroplane lavatory (video)

4.66K   //    01 Jan 2018, 21:04 IST

He's just one
He's just one man

What's the story?

When a WWE Superstar is on the road there is no telling what kind of hijinks they will encounter. We've all heard legendary stories about pranks on the road but this one might not even be intentional. After all, some of the best events are just happy accidents and this one is pretty stellar. Hopefully, Slater was able to get out of the mile-high port-o-potty safely, after all, he has kids.

In case you didn't know

When you're on the road as a WWE Superstar sometimes those hijinks on the road can be something to break the monotony of travel. Sometimes a Superstar will rib another with a light prank (or even one that's kind of mean-spirited) but everyone has a laugh and that's the only important thing.

Heart of the matter

Before he made his way to Miami Florida for the New Year's Day edition of Monday Night RAW, Heath Slater found himself in this unfortunate circumstance.

It would seem that Slater made it out okay seeing how he posted this Instagram video, but he could have always been using his cell phone on an aeroplane which is actually a no-no as well.

What's next?

The next time Heath Slater is on a plane and nature starts to call, he might need to hold it in a bit. After all, he was really testing his luck on this occasion. Although he said he "got hot" which could mean actual temperature or that he was angry, Slater probably doesn't want to end up in the same situation again anytime soon.

Author's take

We're not sure who was holding the camera in this situation, so it's unclear who we can blame for making the biggest jokes in this video. But it's still pretty entertaining, to say the least. Maybe this happening will assist Heath Slater in finding that new rougher self that Rhyno has been trying to get out of the One Man Band in recent weeks?

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