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WWE News: How Vince McMahon reacted when Triple H played prank on him on TV

Danny Hart
Published Jan 03, 2020
Jan 03, 2020 IST

Triple H has worked for Vince McMahon since 1995
Triple H has worked for Vince McMahon since 1995

Speaking on the latest episode of Chris Jericho’s Talk Is Jericho podcast, Rhyno said Triple H once told him that he played a prank on Vince McMahon in a WWE segment.

The discussion began when Rhyno and Jericho recalled that WWE Superstars were told to move away from the hallway when McMahon had to leave the arena on a stretcher after he tore both of his quads at the 2005 Royal Rumble, as he did not want to show signs of weakness to members of the roster.

On the subject on McMahon ‘no-selling’ – pretending not to be affected or hurt by something – Rhyno then revealed what Triple H said to him about the time he pranked his father-in-law, who was supposed to be asleep in a particular segment, on WWE television.

“Hunter [Triple H] actually told me a story that he had one of the doctors crack one of those smelling salts. He goes [to the doctor], 'Vince wants it to look real on TV, so make sure you actually crack it in front of the camera and shove it in front of his nose. Don’t worry, he won’t sell it, right?' Sure as s***, he didn’t sell it. He no-sold it. Hunter told the referee as a rib on Vince.”

The ECW legend added that Triple H joked to McMahon after the segment that the doctor “got nervous and cracked it open for real”, even though he was the one who planned the prank.

McMahon “didn’t care”, according to Rhyno, and he had a sense of humour about it.

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