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WWE News: Huge match announced for tonight's RAW

Tonight's RAW is stacked! With everything going on surrounding the RAW roster right now, is it any wonder Roadblock is highly anticipated?

On the final Monday Night RAW leading up to Roadblock: End of the Lime, WWE have a lot in store for the last stop before the final RAW Exclusive Pay-Per-View of the year. The card of Roadblock isn’t quite as filled yet as expected, so the thought is that tonight will be the igniting of any other feuds to be involved in Sunday’s event. Joining the fray in tonight’s longest episodic show in Sports Entertainment will be a huge Triple Threat match with a major title on the line, a big return to our TV screens and more!

The New Day will defend their RAW Tag Team Championships in an explosive Tag-Team Triple Threat Match

The second longest Tag Team Champions look to demolish Demolition’s record as the longest reigning Tag-Team Champions. After tonight, they’ll go on to become our longest Tag Team Champions in history. A big accomplish, and a huge milestone for the New Day. But to grasp the top spot, they’ll need to knock off two other cohesive units in a three-team Triple Threat match. The other teams, Cesaro and Sheamus, and Anderson and Gallows will look to dethrone the title holders on tonight’s show. Whether they’ll succeed or not, we don’t know. 

As per Former WWE Superstar Taz, The New Day will lose their Titles a day or two before they break Demolition’s record for the longest reigning tag team Champions of all time. If New Day wins tonight, they will break the record, and for that reason, Taz thinks New Day will lose their Titles tonight.

Charlotte and Sasha Banks look towards their final match for the Women’s Championship

In the score settling rematch, Banks and Charlotte will fight it out in an Iron Woman match. In the set up for their final encounter, we’ve seen ambushes, personal-level promos and Charlotte’s father Ric Flair align with current Champion, Sasha Banks. But the folks down at Inquisitr question Ric Flair’s alliance. Is he sided against his daughter, or is it all just one big plot by the dirtiest player in the game? The final words between these two Women are set to come forth tonight. 

Jeri-KO falls out

Tension has been rising between Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens over the last few weeks. It seems Owens longs for their old friendship, but Jericho wants no part. After costing Jericho a potential win for the Unites States Championship that has always escaped his grasp, things will be looking to get worse between the once comedic duo. The two men with go on their separate paths as Y2J will take on Seth Rollins, and the Prize Fighter will take on Roman Reigns with his Universal Championship on the line.

Enzo Amore’s hotel assault aftermath

Last week’s Enzo and Lana ‘romance’ ended with the destruction of the Mic-Talker Skywalker. After an undescribable beating served by the hands of the “Bulgarian Brute” Rusev, Enzo (and Cass) will look to get vengeance on the former US Champion. 

Will Sami Zayn get his match with Braun Strowman?

A developing feud between Zayn and Strowman was cut short by the RAW GM, Mick Foley. Sami’s best efforts to convince the Hardcore Legend to book him in a rematch have been denied, and the assumption is he’ll set off all his pent up frustration on Braun tonight, and give Foley no choice but to book the match for Roadblock. After their talk last week about Sami’s “best interest”, it will be interesting to see how Zayn fires back this week.

Emmaline makes her debut

One of the hottest female stars to brace us with her company, the Australian beauty looks to reintroduce herself on our TV sets with her makeover from Emma to Emmalina. It will be interesting to see where she fits in with the current Women’s Division, and if she will be thrown into the mix straight away. 

So a lot is to be taken from tonight’s episode of RAW, as everyone has a score to settle with everyone. It certainly looks to be full stacked show nonetheless. What are you looking forward to the most tonight?

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