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WWE News: Hulk Hogan calls Hurricane Irma victims crybabies

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Whatcha gonna do?

What's the story?

Hurricane Irma was an awful tropical storm that smashed into the Florida coast and left tons of people in an awful situation. Hulk Hogan is now speaking out about Irma's victims, but he has a unique viewpoint on the situation. He didn't mean anything too bad by his words, but some people have taken it out of context.

In case you didn't know...

Hulk Hogan has lived in Florida for a while. He opened up Hogan's Beach Shop recently, and by all accounts, he's doing quite well.

But when Hurricane Irma hit, The Hulkster had to bunker down like everyone else and wait out the storm's wrath.

The heart of the matter

Hulk Hogan recently went on social media and put out a message saying that victims of Hurricane Irma were "crybabies." He went on to clarify that those people who are complaining would probably be wise to take a step back and consider how bad it could have been.

There were people who lost everything because of the disastrous tropical cyclone. Hogan went on to talk about those who were hit very hard by the hurricane and lost their homes, lives, and businesses.

Since he put out that social media message there has been a considerable amount of backlash. Some people might not have decided to read the second part of the message because the first part got a considerable amount of people upset at Hogan.

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What's next?

Hulk Hogan will continue to be the world's best beach bum as soon as things from Irma get cleaned up. Let's hope this misconstruing of Hulk's words don't cause him any further issues.


Author's take

For people who are out of electricity, it can be an awful ordeal. But it's nothing close to dying or losing your livelihood. That's the only point Hulk Hogan was trying to make.

Although it might have been a better idea not to call anyone a crybaby and to make his message known in a medium which allowed for more characters.

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