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WWE News: Hulk Hogan considering big change in his iconic look

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Whatcha go
What will you do when Hulk Hogan shaves his head?

What's the story?

Hulk Hogan has been a staple in the pro wrestling business for over 30 years now and as his legacy grows it seems that the people love him even more. Crowds flock to Hogan's Beach Shop in Clearwater Beach, Florida just to catch a glimpse of the famous founder of Hulkamania. But from the sounds of it, The Hulkster is thinking about ditching part of his iconic look.

In case you didn't know...

Hulk Hogan has looked pretty much the same his entire career. He turned into exactly what all the Hulkamaniacs expected him to look like which is just an older version of "The Hulkster". He's aged quite well especially considering the ridiculously stressful controversies surrounding him.

Right now he is loving life. He owns "Hogan's Beach Shop" in Clearwater Florida and proclaims himself proudly as a "beach bum". He's got it made in the shade, or the sun because Hogan's never been shy about getting a tan.

The heart of the matter

Hulk Hogan recently tweeted about how he was contemplating changing up his legendary look. Hogan said it was about time to give himself a "Stone Cole" haircut. Seeing how Steve Austin was cleanly shaven and pretty much has been from that day onward after adopting the persona of "The Rattlesnake", it's safe to assume Hogan might be going all-out shaven soon enough.

What's next?

Hulk Hogan is obviously having a great time at this stage in his life. He's got his own turnkey operation that he also stops by quite frequently. His Q&A's are also quite entertaining and he keeps uploading them on his YouTube channel. Who knows if his path will lead from the beach to pro wrestling once again? However, he doesn't seem opposed to the idea.

Author's take

His name still has a lot of value and Paul Heyman did just namedrop him on Raw while listing off great WWE Champions in his promo. One doesn't just bring up Hulk Hogan just like one doesn't really stop Paul Heyman from saying whatever he wants to. But the fact that it happened is still a step in the right direction because Heyman obviously felt like he could namedrop the banished Hulkster.

On a side note, I'm proud of myself for doing this entire article without mentioning how Hulk Hogan has had the same skullet haircut for nearly 30 years now (wait, nevermind I am now ashamed of myself once again).

But if he shaved his head completely it could be something he should have done a long time ago and it might only take him two seconds to do it at this point. I'm not saying it's a bad look because it's just how Hogan's always presented himself, but his lack of hair isn't really a new thing. Therefore, a shaved head could turn out looking pretty sweet. If anything, it would make him look even more like Superstar Billy Graham. (Yeah, you can Google it!)

But even if he alters his legendary look, he'll be able to pull it off because he's Hulk Hogan.

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