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WWE News: Hulk Hogan praises The Rock, The Rock responds

Riju Dasgupta
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This was, indeed, a conversation for the ages!
This was, indeed, a conversation for the ages!

What's the story?

If one were to name a Mount Rushmore of sports entertainment legends, Hulk Hogan and The Rock would be a part of the privileged club, in most cases.

The two legends clashed in 2002 in a war for the ages in Toronto, at Wrestlemania X8. It is a clash that fans remember to this very day with much fondness. Hulk Hogan does too and even said so on Twitter.

The Rock would respond to the Tweet and praised the Hulkster. This is what he had to say:

Hogan ended the banter by putting over The Rock, and how!

In case you didn't know...

One of the unique things about the match in question is the double turn that happened during the course of the contest. While The Rock entered the match as a babyface and Hogan, as the heel, the crowd turned on "The Great One" and sided with the Hulkster.

With representatives from two different eras of sports entertainment, this was a very special match in many ways.


The heart of the matter

In today's day and age, where the fan supports superstars on their merit, whether they're heels or babyfaces, the concept of a double turn may hold little significance. However, in 2002, when the business wasn't as exposed as it is today, it was a monumental affair.

While Hulk Hogan may have hung up his hoots and ridden into the sunset for good, one wonders if The Rock still has a legendary 'ma for the ages' in him, against someone like Roman Reigns in 2017/18.

What's next?

Following a series of controversial remarks, Hulk Hogan and WWE had severed ties, a few years ago. The Rock was last seen at WrestleMania 32, where he had a run in with the Wyatt Family. One wonders if the two men are due for a return soon.

Author's take

I remember the match like it was yesterday, really. I remain a fan of both men, to this day, and remember the electricity in the crowd, that night. What a clash!

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