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WWE News: Hulk Hogan says he doesn't know if he'd come back to WWE if they asked him

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Would The Hulkster return to WWE?

What's the story?

Hulk Hogan was the face of WWE for the longest time. However, leaked audio from a very private recording caught The Hulkster using awful racial slurs which caused WWE to cut him loose.

Hulk Hogan recently told Harvey Levin on OBJECTified that he doesn't know if he'd come back to WWE at this point.

In case you didn't know...

Hogan's trial against Gawker wasn't just the subject of the amazing documentary, 'Nobody Speak.' It was a landmark trial which could set a precedent of things to come and the consequences might not even be truly realized at this point.

The trial centered around Gawker releasing a portion of a hidden camera recording showing Hulk Hogan in some compromising situations.

During a trial full of dirty tricks, the audio from the tape was released revealing Hulk Hogan using several racial slurs. WWE cut ties with Hogan and since then they've done their best to make it seem like Hulk Hogan never existed in the company.

WWE took it even further by erasing Hogan's name from their history and taking him out of the WWE Hall Of Fame.

The heart of the matter

Harvey Levin's FOX News television show OBJECTified recently sat down with Hulk Hogan. When asked about the awful situation surrounding the trial and his release from WWE, Hogan sounded remorseful for everything that went down.

"It was tough, it hit me hard. I've been through a lot of high's and lows. When you look at a 40-year-old career, it's just gone."

When asked whether or not he would come back to WWE if they asked him, Hogan replied saying he doesn't know if he'll return.

What's next?

Hulk Hogan is currently having a blast running his beach shop and meeting any fan who wants to stop by. He proclaimed himself as a 'beach bum' and seems proud of that title.

But even though WWE might act like he doesn't exist at this point, there's always a chance we could see Hogan return sooner or later.

Author's take

This is an unfortunate situation. While there is no defending the things Hogan said, it is still a shame this controversy resulted in snuffing out his WWE Hall Of Fame career.

It would be amazing to see Hulk Hogan and WWE to reunite down the line. But until all of the water is actually under the bridge, it might still take a considerable amount of time for that to happen.

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