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WWE News: Identity of Asuka's enhancement talent revealed

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Who was this
Who was this mystery women?

What's the story?

It looks like WWE is going to start giving Asuka enhancement talent or at least that's what they did in Baltimore for Raw this week. The "Empress Of Tomorrow" squared off against a woman named Stacie Cullen and many fans were wondering who this mystery woman was and Squared Circle Sirens figured it out.

In case you didn't know...

The term enhancement talent is a politically correct way of saying jobber, or in other words, they get paid to lose all the time. This term is in no way something to be ashamed of either. After all, if you're really good at making someone look strong then you can become a valuable asset to any pro wrestling organization.

If you don't understand a jobber's value, just look at a guy like the Brooklyn Brawler who's career was build on his excellent ability to make someone look good in the ring to truly appreciate the art of being an enhancement talent.

The heart of the matter

It looks like Asuka is going to get a few enhancement talents to run through and thanks to Squared Circle Sirens, we know the name of her first victim. Kasey Catal is an independent wrestler from the New Jersey area and she made the trip to Baltimore to get kicked really hard by Asuka.

Kasey Catal went as Stacie Cullen on Raw but she currently trains at Create A Pro Wrestling in New Jersey. She might not have been successful in her match, but she accomplished her goal in making Asuka look amazing.

What's next?

If WWE starts feeding Asuka one enhancement talent after another it might not be the worst way to go. After all, they need her to look strong.

Author's take

The last woman WWE tried this tactic with was Nia Jax and it didn't really start to come together for her until she was deeper into the talent pool of the Raw roster.


But it's still nice that they're trying to do something with Asuka that makes her look strong. At least WWE isn't killing her undefeated streak immediately.

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