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WWE News: Indie wrestler fires shots at Ricochet after joke goes over badly

4.67K   //    08 Dec 2018, 05:58 IST

Ricochet tried his hand at comedy and apparently, it didn't go over well.
Ricochet tried his hand at comedy and apparently, it didn't go over well.

What's the story?

Ricochet might be great in the ring, but apparently, he's not the best comedian outside of it. reports that Ricochet and independent wrestler Ethan Page have engaged in a war of words on Twitter.

Ricochet said Page needed to go to the gym and Page fired back.

In case you missed it . . .

Ricochet debuted for NXT in the early parts of 2018 and has been on fire ever since. Although he failed to capture the NXT North American Championship in the ladder match to decide the first ever champion, he eventually took the belt off of Adam Cole's waist.

He's also had incredible matches with the likes of the Velveteen Dream and Pete Dunne. His efforts at WarGames 2 also were fantastic.

Ethan Page has been a regular on the world independent scene and has played two different characters for Impact Wrestling. His first character was of Chandler Park, cousin to Joseph Park, the bumbling lawyer and kayfabe brother of Abyss.

Chandler allegedly didn't know how to wrestle but gave it his best shot. After some time away from Impact, Page repackaged under his current name, Ethan Page, as a follower of Matt Sydal's 'third eye' ideology.

The two had a match for the Impact Tag Team championships but were unsuccessful.

The heart of the matter reports that the first tweet that set the feud in motion was when Ricochet said to his friend, Ethan Page, that he needed to head to the gym. Page allegedly didn't respond well to it, and it was deleted.

Page also fired back at 'the One and Only' tweeting, “you need to grow to be the size of an adult & learn how to cut a promo that doesn’t sound like Bugs Bunny stuttering. We all have faults."


Ricochet apparently responded to that dig but deleted that tweet as well. Page went on to both admonish and enlighten Ricochet, “You wouldn’t tweet that to Samoa Joe or Bray Wyatt. Because you respect them. You don’t respect me. Which is fine. I just don’t have to tolerate your kaka charisma & overpriced body trying to tell me what’s wrong with me. I’m doing alright ‘friend’ C U down the line.”

Ricochet's last comment seemed to end the battle of words, "Obviously, you can no longer joke with who I thought was a friend. Don’t worry, it’ll never happen again."

Page qualified for the X Division match at Impact's Homecoming PPV in January with a win last night.

What's next?

Apparently, not a night out between the two friends. Although it might have been a work, it does seem like Ricochet didn't really think before he tweeted.

Former Chiefs/Jets' head coach Herm Edwards used to always tell rookies that were coming into the NFL at the annual rookie symposium to "don't always press send."

He basically meant to think before you post anything because if you don't, you'll likely look like a moron and have to do damage control.

Ethan Page
Ethan Page

Page might not be shredded like Ricochet, but Ricochet can't touch Page on the mic. Sure Ricochet looks like a million bucks and Page doesn't. But that's not the only top attribute each brings to the table.

Ricochet is amazing in the ring and is among the boatloads of wrestlers that constantly post pictures of themselves before, during and after trips to the gym. We get it. You're jacked and in amazing shape.

One of Ricochet's social media posts displaying his ripped nature.
One of Ricochet's social media posts displaying his ripped nature.

Page is an incredibly talented mic worker, unlike Ricochet, and even though he doesn't have a ten-pack, he's agile for a man his size. He's also light years ahead of Ricochet on the mic.

Both guys have their faults like Page said. People who have the full package often ascend to the top of the business. Will either of these two do it? If so, they can look back to this spat and say I told you so to the other.