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WWE News: Cesaro injured after his match at Clash Of Champions?

Cesaro landed on his head at Clash Of Champions. Ouch!

Cesaro & Sheamus were tied at 3-3
These two had the best match of the night

For those who witnessed it, one of the most shocking moments at the recently concluded WWE pay-per-view Clash Of Champions came when Cesaro landed on top of his head against his match with Sheamus.

This is the landing we are talking about: 

The awkward landing occurred when The Swiss Superman used the ropes on the other side of the ring to gain momentum and executed s suicide dive through the middle rope to take down Sheamus.

The dive was a botched one and he landed on top of his head! The fall he took could have easily led to a concussion or even a paralytic attack. It is incredible that Cesaro continued with the match. Although the match ended in a no contest, the suicide dive scared everyone out of their wits.

Doctors were ready to check on Cesaro the moment he reached backstage. Early word was that the superstar was doing fine. Bryan Alvarez tweeted the following update after the first post-match check-up: 

Jim Ross tweeted that “Cesaro dodged a significant bullet..”

The praise and concern kept flowing:

Cesaro's botched up dive wasn't the only thing that plagued the pay-per-view. It has been reported that Seth Rollins might have injured his ribs in his match against Owens for the Universal Championship.

Both the matches were the highlights of Clash Of Champions. Cesaro and Sheamus were tied at 3 matches each in the best of 7 and the merciless finale ended with both wrestlers not being able to compete after a point.

We should get a complete update of the injuries that both of them have suffered in the coming hours and we will keep you updated on the same.

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