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WWE News: Jack Swagger talks about his rejuvenated love for professional wrestling

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Jack Swagger has been finc
Jack Swagger recently wrestled on the Australian House of Hardcore tour.

What’s the story?

Former World Heavyweight Champion Jack Swagger made an appearance on Colt Cabana's Art of Wrestling podcast, discussing his thoughts on his former employer. Since leaving WWE, Swagger has embarked on an independent career that's rejuvenated his love for wrestling.

"This is all very new to me, but, at the same time, I'm loving it. I have a new love for [pro] wrestling all over again away from the company that we all hate, but at the same time, we all watch." (H/T Wrestling Inc)

In case you didn’t know…

Jack Swagger, who also goes by the name Jake Hagar on the indies, experienced a moderate amount of success during his WWE career. He was a Money in the Bank briefcase winner who also held the United States Championship, the ECW Championship, and the World Heavyweight Championship. In March of 2017, Swagger announced on Chael Sonnen's podcast that he had requested his release, which was granted such shortly afterwards.

The heart of the matter

During this special live podcast from the Melbourne stop of the House of Hardcore tour in Australia, Jack Swagger told Colt and the former Hornswoggle (who was still on stage after his interview) about how well his independent career had been going. In addition to reinvigorating his love for his craft, Jack also mentioned that he was still able to financially take care of his household.

"I've been wrestling in some form since I was 5 years old. So to be here and to provide for my's f***ing awesome."

Swagger also discussed the inconsistency of ring rope tightness and told a story about beating Chavo Guerrero in a gin rummy tournament. Chavo lost that particular card game, resulting in him having to wear the Swagger Soaring Eagle costume to a bar and staying in character.

What’s next?

Colt Cabana's live podcast recordings differ from his normal episodes in that several wrestlers all make appearances, telling brief stories as opposed to having a long conversation. Colt did mention that he was going to feature Jack on a regular podcast in the future. If there is ever to be a tell-all story of his WWE exit, that would be his opportunity to do so.

Author’s take

It had to have been frustrating to be Jack Swagger in the last couple of years that he was in WWE. Even after becoming an accidental top babyface after a short but exciting feud with Rusev in the summer of 2014, WWE squandered any chance they had to turn him into a top star with staying power. I hope that another big company sees the potential this guy has and does with him what WWE for some reason refused to do.

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