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WWE News: Jack Swagger says that Cesaro is world champion material

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Swagger is backing Cesaro to be a world champion
Swagger is backing Cesaro to be a world champion

What's the story?

Former World Heavyweight Champion Jack Swagger recently did an interview with Sports Illustrated. In the interview he discussed a variety of topics ranging from his recent match with indy standout AR Fox, his plans for the future, and who he thinks should currently be champion in WWE.

In case you didn't know...

Swagger's career in WWE peaked in 2010 when he won the MITB briefcase at WrestleMania and successfully cashed it in on Chris Jericho later that month. After a less than memorable reign followed by three years of struggling to be relevant, it seemed like things were looking up in 2013 when he challenged Alberto Del Rio for the World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania.

A month prior he was arrested for allegedly driving under the influence, and despite being the World title match his WrestleMania entrance was not televised. Back in March, Swagger announced on Chael Sonnen's podcast that he had requested and been granted his release from the WWE.

The heart of the matter

In the interview, the man who currently wrestles as "Formerly known as Jack Swagger", was not shy about who he thinks should currently be champion in WWE. In fact, it is someone he knows very well, his former tag team partner Cesaro. Not only does he think he should be champion, but he went on to say that the "Swiss Superman" has overtaken Kurt Angle as his favorite wrestler.

“In addition to being gifted athletically and being the strongest guy in the room, Cesaro is very smart upstairs He knows exactly where to put things and make a match explosive. ‘Sell, sell, sell, then holy sh--, explosion!’ He’s so flexible, and he’s made all his tag team partners better.
He made Tyson Kidd better, and he was the driving force for me in the Real Americans tag team. His big swing is gold. He’s very hungry, and coming from the indies, he has a chip on his shoulder and a lot to prove. He uses that as fuel to keep getting better and not get complacent, and he would be the perfect guy to be world champ.”

What's next?

Swagger mentions wanting to wrestle for every company out there whether it be Impact Wrestling, ROH, New Japan or even under a mask for Lucha Underground. He is certainly not done wrestling though he did say that he is enjoying being able to be a father and husband first.

Authors Take

Yea Swags....join the club. Great to see a former partner and former champion singing his praises but he isn't saying anything new. He is easily one of if not the best overall performer in the ring that WWE has. Only time will tell if he does one day grab Vince McMahon's infamous "brass rings".

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