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WWE News: James Ellsworth confirms signing for the WWE on a full time contract

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James Ellsworth announced that he has been signed to a full-time WWE contract

James Ellsworth posted a facebook status on the 17th of November outlining that he wouldn’t be taking anymore independent bookings and that his last appearance will be at Big Time Wrestling at Altoona Pa.

This led many to believe that he is being signed on by the WWE on a full time basis, especially since he has been featured on WWE SmackDown repetitively for the last few weeks. Ellsworth shot to fame when people took a liking to him after he appeared on Raw as one of the jobbers that were going to be squashed by Braun Strowman.

Once it became apparent that the WWE Universe had taken to him he made an appearance on SmackDown, getting involved in the feud between Dean Ambrose and WWE Champion AJ Styles.

The audience reacted largely favourably towards him and he started making successive appearances on the Blue Brand, also being named the mascot of Team SmackDown leading up to Survivor Series

WWE then ran with the momentum that he had generated and came up with James Ellsworth T-shirts, which yet again proved to be a successful endeavour for them. However, any rumours of a full-time deal with the WWE hadn’t materialised yet, until now.

In said final independent appearance, a visibly emotional James Ellsworth announced to the audience present that he had been signed to a full-time contract by the WWE. It is said that his humility and easy-going attitude with everyone backstage appealed to Vince McMahon, prompting him to offer him terms.

This is the video of Ellsworth thanking the crowd for supporting and making the big announcement. In an industry where only the top-tier talent ‘ make’ it, Ellsworth’s meteoric rise has pleasantly surprised everyone.

What are your thoughts on the WWE signing him up to a full time deal?

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