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WWE News: James Ellsworth earned Vince McMahon's praise after squash match

Ellsworth got praise from an unexpected, yet important person.

Squash matches, designed to get a talent over, seemed to have gotten the wrong talent over, in the best way possible

James Ellsworth despite being an enhancement talent somehow managed to get popularity with the fans. The buzz and all the memes on social media definitely helped the cause. His unique look being chinless, and also his line “Any man with two hands has a fighting chance” undoubtedly helped him get over.

Ellsworth being the humble man that he is, was very grateful to all the attention and buzz he got on social media, as he believed that he would just be forgotten like any other enhancement talent.

Ellsworth was recently on Talk Is Jericho, and he explained about his professional wrestling journey, his life, and how he go the opportunity to wrestle on the first Raw after the draft. Ellsworth revealed that he got praise from the most important man in the WWE: Vince McMahon himself! Ellsworth said:

I come through the curtain. Arn [Anderson] comes up to me and he said, ‘You did a very good job, kid. Vince wants to see you.’ I’m like, ‘Vince wants to see me? What?’ So I go up to gorilla where Vince is and he’s coming down the stairs looking for me. He’s like, ‘Come here!’ He said, ‘Good job, kid! Great job!’ and shook my hand... That meant the world coming from him obviously.’

Ellsworth got the chance to be on Jericho’s podcast as he was backstage in Baltimore for the previous episode of Raw, and was told to travel with them the next three days. Ellsworth revealed that that very day, Vince saw Ellsworth and even recognized him.

Naturally, Ellsworth was beyond humble about it. He told Jericho that he was even called for Summerslam and a Raw after that, but was told that what they had planned would not be going through. However, he said that this time he was called and told that he would be doing something on Smackdown Live and that when the podcast released, he may or may not have appeared on the blue brand. 

As it turns out, Ellsworth had appeared on Smackdown Live and was supposed to be in the main event teaming up with AJ Styles against Dean Ambrose and John Cena. Unfortunately, many hearts were broken as The Miz came out and attacked Ellsworth, furious that he wasn’t in the main event. The Miz ended up taking Ellsworth spot. 

If you are wondering what is next for Ellsworth, he did mention that he is going to keep trying to find his spot in WWE and appearing whenever they ask and do whatever they ask of him. If he doesn’t get his spot, he will continue to run his promotion Adrenaline Championship Wrestling(ACW). Ellsworth is a 14-year veteran of the business.

Would you like to see Ellsworth have a spot on the main roster?

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