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WWE News: James Ellsworth reveals Carmella's reaction to his release

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James E
James Ellsworth trying to keep "The Princess of Staten Island" Carmella happy...

What's the story?

Wrestling Inc. is reporting on a recent edition of Talk Is Jericho where from WWE Superstar James Ellsworth was a guest on Chris Jericho's podcast. During this episode, Ellsworth would talk to Jericho about Carmella's reaction to his release and some behind the scenes information on the pairing.

In case you didn't know...

Ellsworth was known as "Pretty" Jimmy Dream in the indies and would form a tag team with Adam Ugly, going by the name of Pretty Ugly.

His WWE debut as enhancement talent came in July of 2016 when he faced Braun Strowman and started to garner a cult following.

The heart of the matter

Ellsworth told Jericho that once Carmella found out about the news of his release, she called him right away. By right away, Ellsworth says it was roughly a minute and a half after he got off the phone with Mark Carrano who delivered the bad news.

He would further talk about the conversation he had with Carmella that day in the following quote:

"I'm sitting there and I'm, like, balling, and I'm like, 'what the hell?' The phone rings and it's her. I'm like, 'she must know. Crap.' And she was like, 'James, oh my God, I can't believe this. I'm so sorry. I hope you're okay?', like, just being the sweet girl that she is and I was like, 'I'll be alright.' I was like, 'I was okay before WWE. I'll be okay after it.' I said, 'it hurts. It stings. But it's life. Life's not fair sometimes and I get that.' And she stayed on the phone with me until I was ready to get off [the phone call]. That's how very cool of a person she is. And we text almost every day."

The duo got started early in 2017, and on Talk Is Jericho, Ellsworth admitted that the idea was Carmella's. She pitched the plan to manipulate and seduce Ellsworth to help her win matches, and Vince McMahon loved the idea.

One could say it was a successful partnership as Ellsworth assisted Carmella in winning the first ever women's Money In The Bank briefcase.

What's next?

James Ellsworth is getting ready to restart his indie career as he can take bookings beginning on February 12th. Stay tuned to Sportskeeda for the latest on Ellsworth's career.

As for Carmella, she is still clutching onto that Money In The Bank briefcase, but the clock is ticking out on her time to cash it.

Author's take

That was so sweet of Carmella to call James right away after the news broke. I'm sure it was a tough conversation for James to have considering he just got off the phone with Carrano and found out his WWE dream was over.

There will be many within the WWE Universe pulling for Ellsworth as he returns to the indies next week.

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