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WWE News: James Ellsworth selling neck injury outside of WWE television

James Ellsworth has totally embraced his new role in the WWE.

Carmella consoles an injured James Ellsworth

At the Tables, Ladders, and Chairs (TLC)  pay per view, Ellsworth did the unthinkable and cost Dean Ambrose an opportunity to regain the WWE Championship by pushing him off the ladder to the outside of the ring.

His claimed he did this because he had a better opportunity to win the title against Styles. Unfortunately, for him, he made a decision that potentially cost him his career. When the two did get to compete against each other, Ellsworth received a brutal beating at the hands of Styles, which led to leg, neck, and arm injuries. Watch a snippet of the bout below:

To further sell the injuries he received from the bout, Ellsworth has been posting pictures with his neck brace on, embracing his inner Joel Gertner from the old ECW days. 

This picture shows Ellsworth on Christmas, stating that he was still banged up from the Styles beating, but added, “Santa stopped by to bring me some holiday cheer. Any Man With Two Hands Can Have A Merry Christmas!”

On SmackDown, Ellsworth sold both his neck and arm injury, before Carmella once again approached him in a flirtatious manner. This continued to carry on outside of television as well. Most recently, Ellsworth was spotted at an airport with a fan sporting the neck brace. 

Despite being an invaluable part of the main event scene for a moment, Ellsworth has found his place as the comedic figure that WWE has been known to have for decades, whether it was George “The Animal” Steele, Gillberg, Eugene, or Santino Marella.

Based on the photos outside of the WWE, Ellsworth is fulling embracing his character and looks to wear his neck brace everywhere he goes. 

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