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TNA News: James Storm declares himself a free agent

Could the former TNA champion be heading to NXT for good?

James Strom
James Storm won the both matches he wrestled in NXT

Former TNA World Heavyweight Champion 'The Cowboy' James Storm has declared himself a free agent once again after his recent 8 month-long stint with WWE's arch rival TNA. As seen below, the former TNA employee announced the news last night via a tweet from his officials twitter account and also revealed his email address for independent bookings:

However, while there are all sorts of rumors going around about which way Storm will be headed next, it's very much possible that all this is a part of a storyline and the former King of The Mountain Champion could return to TNA programming in the upcoming time.

What supports the speculations of all this being a play is the fact that James allegedly signed a multi-year deal with the company back in January according to which he is signed with them until the end of 2017.

Since TNA has already lost a majority of their main event talents to WWE in the past 12 months and now are looking for some stability in their roster, it's highly unlikely that the company will let go someone like Storm who has a been a part of the company for more than 10 years.

Also, They recently have been running a storyline about Storm being unhappy with the company’s new on-screen President Billy Corgan. So it shouldn't be a surprise if, in the future, all this is revealed to be an angle and the former Beer Money member comes back to compete inside the Six-Sided Ring.

Although if the release of The Cowboy is legit and not a work, then the former Fortune member looks to have plenty of options in front of him to continue his wrestling career with the most talked brand in pro wrestling, NXT.

It's notable here that Storm wrestled 2 matches in NXT back in October and December last year during his time as a free agent after his contract with TNA expired in mid-2015.

WWE Officials also reportedly offered a development contract to the former TNA wrestler which he turned down due to the low amount of money offered by the company. After declining to WWE’s offer, he was signed by TNA once again at the start of this year.

Even after this, it was said that the doors were left open for the former World Champion by WWE and since the company is still looking to increase the depth of their roster following the Brand Split, James Storm would be welcomed with open hands if he decides to choose the Full Sail University Campus as his new home.

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