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WWE News: Photo of Jason Jordan's new ring attire

He is no longer mimicking Kurt Angle and has a disconcerting familiarity with another Wrestling great

News 03 Oct 2017, 09:12 IST

Jordan debuted his new ring attire
Jordan debuted his new ring attire

Matt Hardy and Jason Jordan teamed up to take on Anderson and Gallows on Raw, and Matt Hardy's hairstyle was not the only new thing about the match. Jason Jordan debuted new wrestling attire in the match, as he replaced his usual Kurt Angle-like singlet, with normal green trunks.

While this may mean nothing, this looks like WWE is consciously trying to distance Jason Jordan from his kayfabe "father" Kurt Angle. Jordan has worn the singlet since his debut on Raw and donned trunks only in NXT.

The singlet was taken as a wink to Kurt Angle and the change in wrestling gear this week did not go unnoticed by WWE fans.

Many fans pointed out that the different look seemed a lot like the original John Cena look when he was the "Prototype" in WWE. Cena sported that same look with the trunks when he came out to challenge Kurt Angle when Angle had issued an open challenge to the locker room rookies. Cena had given Angle a run for his money and kickstarted "Ruthless Aggression" in that match.

Fans were quick to spot and point out the familiarity on Twitter.

This may be a direct foreshadowing of Jason Jordan's heel turn and a possible eventual face-off against Kurt Angle. That has seemed like the way Jordan is being booked, and he has registered a number of losses ever since he broke out on his own as the Raw General Manager's son.

As of now, Jordan's new attire is just that, incredibly green new ring attire that Naomi would be proud of. So far no one really felt Jordan's glow in his new attire, as he and Matt lost to Anderson and Gallows. His attire change did not do much to his chances inside the ring. It is yet to be seen whether the costume change is part of a wider angle, though it seems like it is.

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