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WWE News: Real reason why Chyna left WWE revealed

This may quash all rumours going around regarding her controversial WWE ouster.

Chyna was found dead in her apartment earlier this year

The author of the recently published 'The Great Fall Of Chyna', Bleacher Report writer Jason King appeared on the latest episode of Former WWE Superstar X-Pac's X-Pac 1, 2, 360 Podcast, where he made some interesting claims about Chyna's infamous WWE departure in 2001.

Jason, who talked with multiple people who were close to the former WWE Star including her sister while writing the article, said that the real reason behind WWE's move to not renew Chyna's contract was the money demanded by the 9th Wonder of The World.

According to King, her sister told her that the former Intercontinental Champion was offered $400,000 per year for her contact renewal while she demanded a base salary of a Milion. He said:

“Getting ahold of Kathy [Hamilton, Chyna’s sister] to me was the key to the whole story. She and Chyna’s mom had never really spoken much to the media and there was just a lot of questions about what was Chyna really like before she became a wrestler. And not only that Kathy and her were still very close during the time she was in the WWE and that was obviously when she was dating Triple H, and that was when she had the contract issues. 

And you know Chyna had kind of pushed a narrative once she was no longer in the WWE that she was let go or fired or however you want to call it, or didn’t get her contract renewed, and that wasn’t entirely true. According to her sister she was offered $400,000 a year to renew the contract and she turned it down. She wanted a base salary, downside of a million.”

It's notable here that Chyna left WWE in 2001 and multiple stories have been going around  as to what led to the decision of the former Women's Champion leaving the company .

The most infamous of the lot was the failed relationship with Triple H. After she found out that Triple H was cheating on her with Stephanie McMahon, she went to talk to Mr. McMahon about the issue and was sent home immediately. She later received a fax later stating that she was not needed anymore.

The former WWE star refuted these claims in an interview given a few months after her WWE departure. She said that her break-up had nothing to do with it and she left WWE to pursue a career in acting.

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