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WWE News: Jay Lethal talks about working with Samoa Joe, CM Punk, and Daniel Bryan

953   //    14 Aug 2017, 20:38 IST

Jay Lethal has some interesting things to say
Jay Lethal has some interesting things to say

What's the story?

Speaking exclusively in an interview with Cult of Whatever, Jay Lethal spoke about his experience working with the likes of Samoa Joe, Daniel Brayan and CM Punk during his first spell at ROH.

"At that time and it still is, Ring of Honor was a big accomplishment for me, they are known all around the world, they didn’t have the television that other companies had but they had talent like Samoa Joe, CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, Austin Aries, Christopher Daniels…that is probably the greatest wrestling roster in the history of wrestling rosters", he said.

"Calling my matches with Samoa Joe and CM Punk a learning experience would be an understatement. It was me going to a full year of school within one match, those guys were at the top of their game then and now. They have never really slowed down other than Punk stopping wrestling and Daniel forced to stop.

Joe taught me more than anybody could ever imagine and more than anybody would know", he concluded.

In case you didn't know...

There is no doubting that Jay Lethal is one of the best performers in the indie scene at the moment. Still just 32-years-old, he has held the championship belt in promotions like the TNA and ROH on 11 different occasions.

The heart of the matter

Jay's CV speaks for itself, undoubtedly one of the most charismatic of wrestlers in the present generation he has worked with the likes of Ric Flair and Kurt Angle. It is quite the surprise that a promotion like the WWE hasn't still approached him, "I've never had any talks with WWE, as far as would I one day like to wrestle for WWE, my love for professional wrestling when I was a young kid was created and developed by my love for the WWF at the time now WWE", he admitted in the same interview.

At this moment, with his success, it seems to be a matter of time.

What's next?

With Lethal literally sending a come and get me plea to the WWE, they would be well served in trying to sign him up. In the recent past, we have seen high achievers in the indie scene being snapped up for the NXT or in some occasions, for the main roster.

He has the fan following and the charisma to make the jump into the main roster directly like an AJ Styles.

Author's take

ROH undoubtedly had one of the best rosters of any promotion at a time with the likes of Jay Lethal, Samoa Joe, CM Punk, and Daniel Bryan in the same picture. For a wrestling fan, it will be a treat if Jay eventually makes it to the WWE and recreates his brilliance from the indie scene.

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